Biden arrives in Poland after more than eight-hour train ride from Kiev

Biden arrives in Poland after more than eight-hour train ride from Kiev

U.S. President Joe Biden arrived Monday evening in Warsaw after. a train ride of more than eight hours from Kiev. to the border town of Przemysl and a one-hour flight on Air Force One to the Polish capital.

Biden took the train at 13.10 local time from Kiev. (11.10 GMT) and arrived at Przemysl railroad station, in southeastern Poland and near the Ukrainian border, at 20.45 local time (18.45 GMT).

After, the 80-year-old president took the presidential plane from the Rzeszów airport. (90 kilometers away) at 10:30 p.m. (20:30 GMT) and one hour later landed in the Polish capital.where an entourage of U.S. officials was waiting for him.

Once in Warsaw, where he starts tomorrow his official agenda in Poland, Biden traveled in his official car, known as “The Beast”.

Biden, next to Zelenski, in Kiev.

The White House had not disclosed until now how Biden had entered Ukraine and how he planned to leave for security reasons.

However, with the president already out of Ukrainian territory, the only journalist accompanying him, from The Wall Street Journal, was able to report the other reporters that Biden had traveled by train both to Kiev and to Poland.

Travel arrangements to the Ukraine were carried out in the midst of a great secrecy and the visit was not made known until it was underway.

Kiev, Biden met with his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymir Zelenski, and announced $500 million more in military aid to Ukraine, in a gesture of solidarity to mark the anniversary of the Russian invasion on February 24.

Tomorrow, TuesdayBiden is scheduled to meet with Polish president Andrzej Dudaand deliver a speech at the royal castle in Warsaw.

Poland, which shares a border of some 530 kilometers with Ukraine, has been characterized by its staunch support for Kiev since the beginning of the war and is the country that has taken in the most Ukrainian refugees with 1.5 million.

Kayleigh Williams