a casino in the Baie de Somme soon?

In the past, Le Crotoy, a small town located in the Somme department, had already owned a casino. Indeed, the Eden Casino (photo article), which could welcome up to eight hundred people, had resurrected an old abandoned 19th century villa. Then, at the end of the Second World War, a new building was constructed on the same site based on the plans of the architects Balency-Béarn and Guillot. Unfortunately, the work was never completed…

Le Crotoy : the municipality wishes the implantation of a new casino

Le Crotoy, a port town with slightly more than 2,000 inhabitants located in the Hauts-de-France region, is tempted by an unusual project: the return of a casino to the town, facing the Baie de Somme. Indeed, the said project, mentioned during a recent city council, will soon be studied.

During the last meeting between Crotellois elected officials, they gave their agreement to Mayor Philippe Évrard to launch a series of studies on the establishment of a gambling establishment in the town. If at this stage of the talks the project is still only an idea, the representative of the municipal authority declared that ” (…) the agreement of each member of the council is necessary in order to launch feasibility audits “. It should be noted that the proposal to build a casino in Le Crotoy was voted unanimously.

It is thus on entirely new bases that the potential future casino could see the day in Le Crotoy. In France, the possibility of opening a casino is limited to cities classified as seaside resorts, spas, climatic or tourism, which is the case of Le Crotoy. Authorization to open a casino is granted by the Minister of the Interior after presentation of a set of specifications and a certain number of studies carried out in advance.

An excellent tourist attraction for a coastal town like ours

It should be known that along the coastline of the Hauts-de-France, no less than eight casinos are already establishedand the famous ones in Dieppe and Le Touquet. However, this does not seem to frighten the municipality of Le Crotoy. ” Établishing a casino in our town would be an excellent tourist attraction, especially since it is a seaside resort. The financial contribution is another element that we cannot neglect. If it could be done, we would see with the groups specialized in this field to set up a project. But we are talking aboutA long-term project, certainly beyond the term of office “, warns Philippe Évrard, in office since 2020.

For the time being, ideas for locations have already been mentioned, which testifies to the collective enthusiasm that has won over the various elected officials of the town council. A land of outdoor leisure activities, Le Crotoy is well on its way to offering another facet of entertainment.

Kayleigh Williams