Instagram: Elon Musk goes up against Mark Zuckerberg over blue check pricing

Instagram: Elon Musk goes up against Mark Zuckerberg over blue check pricing

He celebrates. Elon Musk, current CEO of Twitter, has described as “inevitable” the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg On the upcoming charge on Facebook and Instagram to verify accounts with the blue check.

Musk, who began implementing monetization programs on Twitter since taking office in October 2022, was responding to a tweet that said Meta CEO copied Twitter by charging for users’ verification statuses.

“Inevitable,” he noted.

Meta joins the collections

Zuckerberg on Sunday announced the $12 fee ($15 if you subscribe from iOS) for. Meta Verified, a form of account verification in its core apps.

“This new feature is all about increasing authenticity and security across all of our services,” he said, adding that subscribers will get additional anti-phishing protection and direct access to customer service.

Meta will begin rolling out the service in Australia and New Zealand early this week.

“The market has already been tested by rivals, the benefits mostly already exist and don’t require a lot of engineering time to create this new product, and it generates a new revenue stream at a time when most companies are facing challenging economic hurdles,” said Matt Navarra, a social media consultant.

Charging in apps

The tech sector is facing tough times and has seen more than 108,000 layoffs at 380 tech companies in 2023 so far.

And Meta hasn’t been immune to such challenges either, especially since Zuckerberg’s relentless pursuit of the metaverse cost the company $13.7 billion in 2022. To cut costs, Meta laid off 11,000 people in November and promised that 2023 will be a “year of efficiency.”

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Kayleigh Williams