Elon Musk’s satellite internet company wants to launch ‘worldwide roaming’ service

Elon Musk’s satellite internet company wants to launch ‘worldwide roaming’ service

Starlink is testing a new satellite internet service where it offers ‘worldwide roaming’ for a cost of $200, in addition to the $500 receiving antenna fee.

Users who already have the traditional service have begun receiving messages from SpaceXparent company, informing them of this new plan.

Global roaming

According to the company’s own Starlinkthe service uses low-orbit satellites “to provide connectivity around the world”.

In its message to users, Starlink notes that you should expect “typical high-speed, low-latency service mixed with brief periods of poor connectivity, or none at all,” but that this “will improve dramatically over time.”

Mind you, this is partly a promise, since. Starlink is still awaiting regulatory approval in several countries, including India, Pakistan and Cambodia, and is not available in others.

While Starlink already allows users to travel with their dishes (dubbed “Dishy”), it looks like the worldwide roaming service could have fewer limitations. The existing $135 per month Starlink RV plan for example, allows users to equip their RVs with Starlink hardware to access the Internet while traveling, and comes with the option of an even more expensive dish to access the Internet on the go.

Starlink pricing in Peru

Starlink is a service for which you only need a receiving antenna to install at home.

To obtain a unit, you must pay 1750 soles. It will work in any part of the country, despite its geography.

After this payment, the user will have to pay 210 soles per month.

Satellite internet speeds vary from 100 to 339 Mbps download, with uploads of up to 60 Mbps.

The service is characterized by delivering low latency, which, according to tests, is around 19ms.

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