FBI confirms cyber-attack on its systems

FBI confirms cyber-attack on its systems

Cyberattacks have increased in frequency, but they have also started to become more dangerous in their incursions. The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced the initiation of an inspection of its network following evidence of a cyber attack against its computer network.


According to CNN, the FBI announced the start of an investigation into attacks on a computer system used to store images of child sexual abuse. The attack was perpetrated a few days ago, according to two people consulted by the media.

“The FBI is aware of this incident and is working to obtain additional information. It is an isolated case that has already been contained.” the agency said in a statement shared by TechCrunch.

So far, no individuals or criminal groups have claimed responsibility for this breach, nor has it been established how many people have been affected or whether the FBI itself has had its security comprehensively compromised.

FBI is not invulnerable to hackers

The institution has gone through cases where vulnerabilities in its system were exploited to access data and, with them, attack third parties.

In November 2021, a criminal was able to breach the institution’s digital infrastructure and created an “fbi.gov” account to contact people or companies that could have been harmed by “attacks from a gang of extortionists.”

After that raid, the FBI mentioned that it was able to patch that vulnerability. However, the Bureau of Investigation has not yet published a list of suspects associated with this breach.

Kayleigh Williams