Xiaomi: electric car leaks in pictures

Xiaomi: electric car leaks in pictures

The electric car from Xiaomi has been leaked in images, showing for the first time its physical appearance.

According to images revealed on Chinese social networks, this first car from Xiaomi will be called MS11 and this is its design.

Xiaomi electric car

Xiaomi is a company that does not want to stagnate in just cell phones, so it is venturing into new markets.

One of them is automotive, confirming months ago the development of its own vehicle.

He was once spotted on the streets of Chinabut now images of its overall design have been leaked, showing a coupe-like sportback silhouette.

The design of the car resembles that of some sports cars, at the front, the headlights and the shape of the grille. At the rear it even resembles the Aston Martin DBS.

The car will seek to be autonomous with its LiDAR sensors mounted on the roof and handles.

Details to be known

Noted from Car News China that the MS11 will have batteries supplied by CATL and BYD companies, and the motors will be manufactured in-house by Xiaomi.

The CEO of XiaomiLei Jun, has been spotted driving one of the cars in the snow in China.

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Kayleigh Williams