Microsoft retired Internet Explorer after 28 years

Microsoft retired Internet Explorer after 28 years

This February 14, Microsoft made some of its cruelest updates by completely disabling Internet Explorer for Windows 10, ending the service after more than 28 years.

Tuesday’s update completely removed the version of Internet Explorer 11making it compulsory for all users to Microsoft Edge.

Farewell to a great one

Windows 10 users (Windows 11 users no longer have any trace of Internet Explorer) will now default to Edge.

The icons and more visual symbols of the browser, mind you, will still be present until their final removal in June this year.

Internet Explorer was released in 1995, up to 28 years. However, despite its longevity, Microsoft has decided to primarily support Edge, a service that has been gaining fans in recent years thanks to its fluidity and stability. Its closure has been gradual since announcement.

All users who used Internet Explorer To date, they will have a tool in Edge that is called ‘IE mode’ where it will optimize content in this new browser.

The last bastion

However, even a last bastion of users will still be able to continue to use Internet Explorer

These are users of the Long Term Service Channel or LTSC, which uses the browser for systems or intranets in companies. In addition, some versions of Windows 10 for China will still have their permanence.

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Kayleigh Williams