Netflix Premium adds spatial audio and more downloads

Netflix Premium adds spatial audio and more downloads

Netflix has announced that it will implement the spatial audio system in hundreds of titles on its platform for subscribers of the bundled Premium.

It also added that users will now be able to download content on up to 6 devices for seamless offline viewing.

Improvements for those who pay the most

Subscribers at the most expensive level will get spatial audio enhancement on more than 700 productions in the catalog, including some popular ones like ‘Merlina’.

Similarly, instead of guessing which titles have this property, you’ll be able to type ‘Spatial Audio’ into the search engine and get the full names of the entire service.

The number of productions will be increasing, with series like ‘You’ getting it in the coming weeks.

Netflix partnered with Sennheiser to use Ambeo 2-Channel Spatial Audio technology. It is designed for built-in stereo speakers, particularly laptops and tablets.

Netflix says spatial audio should be effective on TVs that aren’t too far away from the viewer and phones with stereo speakers. The company says its spatial audio will also offer a more immersive experience for those using headphones.

More downloads

Also, subscribers of the level Premium will be able to download content on up to 6 devices, no longer 4 as previously stated.

Despite how kind you are being. Netflix, it is also worth remembering that the platform is at the center of controversy due to its implementation of IP and WiFi network controls to end account sharing. will it succeed?

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Kayleigh Williams