Netflix: criticism for anime made by artificial intelligence

Netflix: criticism for anime made by artificial intelligence

Great controversy has been caused by the premiere of Netflix of a anime performed almost entirely by an artificial intelligence.

The anime called ‘Dog & Boy‘ was done entirely by AI due to “labor shortages.” Its publication has also been criticized for not providing corresponding credit to the sole human behind the project.

The anime made by AI

The idea was realized by Netflix Japan, who excused himself from the issue by pointing out that it is “an experimental effort to help the anime industry, which is now going through a labor shortage.”

The problem is that the production company behind it is. Wit Studio, developers of Ranking of Kings y Spy x Familyfamous series that are distributed worldwide.

And not content with that, the credits of ‘Dog & Boy‘ do not give the necessary respect to the one person who operated the artificial intelligence who created this production: it appears only as ‘Human’.

The tweet generated instant criticism and outrage from commentators who felt that Netflix Was using AI to avoid paying human artists.

“It’s not something to be proud of, guys,” a showrunner responded to the publication.

The problems of Japanese anime

The Japanese animation industry is one of the country’s most lucrative entertainment markets, but, with tight deadlines and poor working conditions, animators are having a hard time.

Multiple international media reports point out that the salaries of workers in these production houses are underpaid and they are exploited for their work. Possibly this is the reason why more and more mangakas, designers and illustrators are becoming disenchanted with this medium and prefer to work in other fields.

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Kayleigh Williams