ChatGPT: Microsoft to upgrade Bing to higher version, report says

ChatGPT: Microsoft to upgrade Bing to higher version, report says

Microsoft Is planning to update its search engine Bing with GPT-4a superior version of the artificial intelligence of the popular ChatGPT. According to a new report, the technology firm, the search engine would be supported with the technology of this. AI to answer user queries and would even make it a more competitive option against its biggest rival: Google.

As mentioned in the report of Semaforpeople familiar with the system indicated that the main difference between ChatGPT and its superior version GPT-4 is its speed. While the former only takes a few minutes to generate and provide an answer, the experts consulted point out that the other artificial intelligence from OpenAI is much faster when answering queries. In addition, its answers are much more detailed and similar to those that a human would give.

Microsoft prepares to declare war on Google

According to the report, it is expected that the incorporation of ChatGPT to the products of Microsoft as part of its multi-million dollar investment will trigger new competition in Internet search engines. While this area has been dominated by Google for many years, the integration of GPT-4 at Bing will offer users more human responses rather than just displaying a list of links.

Semafor also mentions that OpenAI plans to launch a mobile app for ChatGPT in the future. Since there is currently only a web version of ChatGPT, adding a mobile version would allow the company to expand the user base of its platform and make it more accessible. On the other hand, the company plans to test a new feature in DALL-E, its image generation software, to create videos using AI.

Rumors that are becoming reality

Although Microsoft y OpenAI did not comment on this new report, but there have been a plethora of rumors and reports about it for some time now. In January, The Information indicated that Microsoft was preparing an integration of ChatGPT with the search results of Bingas well as the introduction of the linguistic AI by OpenAI in software such as Word, PowerPoint y Outlook.

In addition, the report of Semafor arrives a few days after Microsoft will expand its partnership with OpenAI With a “multi-year, multi-million dollar” investment. Satya NadellaCEO of the company, also recently stated that Microsoft planned to make the foundational systems of OpenAI were available as commercial platforms so that any entity in any sector could rely on them.

Finally, Microsoft said on its blog that it planned to invest in deploying specialized supercomputing systems to accelerate artificial intelligence research from OpenAI and integrate its systems into its products while “introducing new categories of digital experiences.”

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