ChatGPT: Meta wants to be a leader in artificial intelligence

ChatGPT: Meta wants to be a leader in artificial intelligence

Metaalthough it was in the red due to its incursion into the metaversewants to compete in a new and growing market: the artificial intelligence.

In a new call with investors, Mark Zuckerberg has indicated that it is a “priority” for the company and will be strongly supported to lead the industry.

Now it’s artificial intelligence

“AI is the foundation of our discovery engine and our ad business, and we also believe it’s going to enable many new products and additional transformations within our applications,” noted the CEO of Meta.

Metaitself, is already working on artificial intelligences generative, which create works from text.

For example, it maintains an AI that can generate videos just by reading text. However, it is not yet open to the general public like ChatGPTthe most famous of these services.

“Generative AI is an exciting new area with many different applications,” Zuckerberg notes, reiterating his commitment.

But he doesn’t leave out the metaverse

Meta will share its ambitions in this field with its main objective: to create the metaverse.

The outlook is not the best, as it is currently incurring heavy monthly losses due to its heavy investment.

In order to maintain both goals, the company will possibly try to be more efficient with money, with various measures and cutbacks to save money. It will also seek to make its workers more productive with their jobs.

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Kayleigh Williams