a definitive closure and employees left to their fate…

The Côte d’Azur town of Grasse no longer has a casino. The long-established Casino Victoria in Grasse has closed its doors for good, due to serious breaches of regulations. The site’s employees, with no news from their management and in total limbo, have asked the municipality for help. Read on.

Grasse’s Casino Victoria closed, the town in shock

Plunged into darkness, the roulette tables and slot machines at the Grasse casino may never see the light of day again. The establishment managed and operated by Gerard Sbribans and Christophe Sans has closed its doors until further notice, and the chances of them ever reopening are slim to none.

An order revoking the authorization given to Casino Victoria to offer gambling was sent to us on Thursday, August 31, 2023 “explained the mayor of Grasse to a national television station. ” It would appear that this decision was taken due to regulatory malfunctions. “continues the mayor, reminding us that the gaming police are the sole responsibility of the State.

This news is obviously unwelcome to the casino’s employees, who are not really surprised by the decision, which comes directly from the Ministry in Paris. Indeed, had already gone on strike last June to protest against their intolerable working conditions and unpaid night shifts.

Nevertheless, for Jean Ragionieri, a member of the casino’s management committee and a France Ouvrière trade unionist, the situation is somewhat surreal: ” It’s very annoying, all the more so as no communication has been made about a possible compulsory liquidation or the introduction of short-time working. “.

Employees relieved to have town hall’s support

The latest news is that the municipality has received representatives of Casino Victoria employees, six of whom even met with Grasse’s first deputy mayor, accompanied by the legal department. The exchange lasted an hour and a half, and there seems to be hope for the staff of the establishment located along boulevard du Jeu-de-Ballon.

Staff representative Raphaël Falcini reports: ” We felt supported. The payment of our final balance will be made by the trustee in charge of the liquidation. “. The interested party concludes: ” The Casino Victoria did not live up to the municipality’s expectations, with only around twenty customers a day. In fact, the restaurant attracted half that number. “.

Casino employees and municipal officials are now exploring ways of revitalizing the establishment, which has the tough task of competing with Cannes’ casinos. The possibility of a municipally-run casino has been raised. To be continued.

Kayleigh Williams