Meet Elmo the sloth in ELK Studios’ new slot machine: Hula Balua

Online casino games developer ELK Studios launched on September 05 Hula Baluaa brand-new jungle-themed slot that reintroduces one of its most iconic characters, Elmo the Sloth, from its Tropicool 2 game. A title that plunges you into a paradisiacal atmosphere, Hula Balua can win you up to 25,000 times your stake!

Explore the Hawaiian jungle in the Hula Balua slot from ELK Studios

Featuring 6 reels and 6 rows, and using Scatter Pays as the main winning mechanic, ELK Studios’ new slot, Hula Balua, is set on a tropical island reminiscent of Hawaii.. More precisely, the game’s setting is a jungle where Elmo, the sloth that made some of the Swedish developer’s previous titles so successful, evolves.

Visually, Hula Balua is a casino game of the finest effect. In any case, ELK Studios has always accustomed us to well-made games with extraordinary artistic direction. Graphics, sound effects, symbol and character animations – everything is perfectly mastered, so much so that players can’t help but enjoy the experience!

To win in Hula Balua, the user must bring together 8 matching symbols in a single combination, bearing in mind that said symbols (most of which are exotic fruits) can appear anywhere in the dynamic 6 x 6 game grid. Of course, the game’s icons cascade, which can make the PC-, tablet- and smartphone-compatible slot particularly lucrative! A combination of 8 winning symbols can earn players between 5 and 200 times their initial stake!

Lots of bonus features, driven by X-iter

In addition to Wild symbols that can replace any of the game’s regular icons, symbol clusters that occupy several squares on the game grid and the usual win multipliers, Hula Balua highlights 3 major mechanics the ” Sticky Redrops “, the ” Elmo Wild Drops “and the ” Hula Balua Free Spins “.

During “Sticky Redrops”, a winning symbol is chosen at random: this and all identical symbols freeze, and in the event of a new win, the player benefits from a Re-Spin. During Elmo Wild Drops, the sloth appears and walks slowly across the bottom of the screen. He then summons a random number of Wilds from the nearest left-hand column. Finally, “Hula Balua Free Spins” are triggered by gathering 3 Scatters on the screen, giving the player the opportunity to to string together additional free spins.

Hula Balua features a unique wagering option called X-tier. This allows users to unlock up to 5 bonus features for a fee: “Bonus Hunt”, “Big Symbol”, “Sticky Redrops”, “Buy Bonus” and “Super Bonus”!

Kayleigh Williams