Unleash the power of legendary creatures in Monsters Unchained from Red Tiger Gaming!

Do you love Greek mythology and, more specifically, its bestiary? If so, you’ll be served on the new Monsters Unchainedâ„¢ slot from Red Tiger Gaming! Available since July 20, 2023, this video slot based on an evolving structure (in addition to the 5 reels, the number of rows and paylines can evolve) pits you against three emblematic monsters and can win you up to 10,500 times your stake!

Red Tiger’s Monsters Unchained slot machine: a trio from hell

Online casino games developer Red Tiger Timing takes you to a sinister dungeon where three terrifying mythological monsters are chained and locked away. In the heavy darkness, the dim light emanating from the torches reveals the silhouettes of the Gorgon Medusa, the half-bull, half-human creature known as the Minotaur, and Cerberus, the polycephalic dog of the god Hades.

In the Monsters Unchained slot machine from Red Tiger Gamingthe three monsters have very specific characteristics, since each of them can potentially increase your winnings in its own way! In fact, each creature is associated with a color (blue, red or green) and has a gauge which is filled using a special hammer bearing one of the aforementioned colors.

Once the gauge is completely full, the beast is released from its chains: its power can then manifest itself on screen, but only on the tenth turn! Indeed, once this final Spin when the time has passed, the gauges reset, meaning that the monsters can only be released temporarily.

With regard to monster powersThe Minotaur can expand the game grid by up to three rows, depending on the number of chains the player has managed to destroy. Medusa, meanwhile, summons Wilds that intervene during the tenth Spin. Lastly, Cerberus offers multipliers ranging from x2 to x7. Monsters Unchained also includes another bonus feature: “Monster Free Spins”, during which the powers of the creatures are deployed throughout the extra free spins.

A quick word about the game’s symbols: these are represented by chains, an axe, a lantern and a treasure chest, among other things. Otherwise, if you didn’t know, Monsters Unchained gives you access to Red Tiger Gaming’s daily and progressive jackpots!

“The team has invented a great concept, it’s ecstatic to set the beasts free!”

Nicholas Peters, Evolution’s sales director for the European market, had this to say on the release of Monsters Unchained: ” This game from Red Tiger Gaming features monsters from Greek mythology on the reels. The team has come up with a great concept, it’s ecstatic to free the beasts and break their chains to allow them to trigger incredible bonus features on every tenth spin! “.

Kayleigh Williams