NoLimit City launches True Kult, its new unhealthy and disturbing slot machine

Online casino games developer NoLimit City, famous for its eccentric and provocative titles, brings us a new masterpiece even more disturbing than anything it has released in the past: True Kult™. This creepy slot draws the portrait of a family who indulge in occult practices. Despite the game’s jackpot reaching 23,237 times your stake, will you have enough guts to join this sect of unhealthy people?

True Kult slot machine: welcome to the cult

Did you always think that Mental, Tombstone R.I.P and especially Blood & Shadow were NoLimit City’s most sinister slot machines? Well, it turns out that the studio’s new game, True Kult, takes insanity one step further. This multi-layered title plunges us into a very disturbing and sinister atmosphere, while featuring some fantastic gameplay mechanics.

In all likelihood, True Kult takes us through the indoctrination of a young woman who wants to get closer to God, but ends up in the hands of deranged individuals belonging to a cult. The game keeps us on the edge of our seats from start to finish, thanks to its immersive visuals and soundtrack, with NoLimit City’s artists doing a monstrous job as always!

The highly dynamic True Kult slot machine features a seemingly basic 5 x 3 structure (indeed, a sixth reel can be summoned during Spin). A highly volatile, fast-paced game, True Kult is based on two major winning mechanics : ” Baptism by Fire “(a frozen symbol that reveals one of the game’s fanatics and contributes to the formation of a winning combination) and the Wild symbols ” True Believer “all with the usual xBet! features.

Sinister bonuses to fill up on cash!

Available at French online casinos integrating NoLimit City software since Tuesday 08 August 2023True Kult can make you win big with its countless bonuses, from Ritual mode to Sacrificial Spins. And that’s without even mentioning the “All-seeing Eye” level and the multiplying tarot cards!

Per Lindheimer, Product Manager at NoLimit City, commented on the very recent release of True Kult: ” Join us! The sinister world of True Kult™ will certainly give you some chills, but the volatile mechanics of this game might just lead you to eternal joy! “. A word of friendly advice: once you’ve got your wealth, remember never to set foot in that damn cult again.

Kayleigh Williams