Twente fifth after resounding win in Waalwijk, RKC still in race for Europe

Twente fifth after resounding win in Waalwijk, RKC still in race for Europe

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Watch the summary of RKC Waalwijk – FC Twente

An all-powerful FC Twente gave RKC a beating in Waalwijk: 0-5. Because number eight sc Heerenveen gave away a win against PSV, RKC can still hope to participate in the play-offs for European soccer.

Twente has been certain of those playoffs for some time and knows after today that it will finish in fifth place in the Eredivisie.


The Twente players whirled across the pitch from the kickoff, creating a chance or ten before halftime and capitalizing on two. Gijs Smal was able to score simply after ten minutes, after Etienne Vaessen cleared the ball after a shot by Virgil Misidjan.

More than ten minutes before the break, Michal Sadílek served the free-standing Manfred Ugalde.

Watch the reactions of coaches Ron Jans (FC Twente) and Joseph Oosting (RKC Waalwijk) below:

Coach Jans thinks Twente could have done better, RKC coach Oosting wants to make history

Only just before halftime RKC had two chances: Juriën Gaari and Julian Lelieveld pounced on Unnerstall.

Shortly after halftime, Ramiz Zerrouki poked the ball in from a scrimmage, and fifteen minutes before time Sadílek scored from close range on a pass from Smal. Julio Pleguezuelo provided the final chord in the 86th minute. He shot after a fine approach.

At RKC, club icon Hans Mulder said goodbye to the crowd. The 36-year-old defender played almost 250 games for the Waalwijkers.

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