The curious way in which Coca-Cola was served almost 100 years ago

The curious way in which Coca-Cola was served almost 100 years ago

With almost 2 billion bottles sold per day, the Coca-Cola is one of the most famous beverages in the world. Its formula remains a mystery and its origins even more so, as it was initially a medicinal syrup rather than a soft drink. To understand this better, we have to go back to end of the 19th century.

Its creation is attributed to the physician, chemist and pharmacist. John Stith Pembertonwho, during those years, saw the possibility of creating a syrup against digestion problems that would also provide energy. Thus, the original recipe was the result of the mixture of natural ingredients such as the leaf of the coca plant, kola nut and soda water. Ice and carbonated water were added to this syrup and it was marketed at the price of five cents.

Gradually, the drink gained fame among Americans, to make the leap worldwide thanks to the creation of its iconic logo. We already know the final result, although perhaps what we have overlooked is that it is not always the Coca-Cola has been served in the form we know.

Wine fountain.

Coca-Cola with vanilla ice cream.

Traditionally, this drink was prepared in a very different way. It began with a dose of syrup, on one side, and the soda was added separately. It was mixed well and the most curious thing of all is that it was finished with a scoop of ice cream on top. There are still establishments that offer this possibility to enjoy the Coca-Cola of the early twentieth century.

One of them is the Lexinton Candy Shopa restaurant located in New York and founded in 1925, has a special charm. This lies in its essence, as the local has maintained its aesthetics since its foundation. Thus, the experience will be unique by observing a 95-year-old milkshake machine, the menu and even the layout of the tables.

Interior of the Lexinton Candy Shop restaurant in New York.
Interior of the Lexinton Candy Shop restaurant in New York City.

This can be seen on the TikTok profile of. @nachodeviaje, which tries this strange combination and shows off the restaurant. In the post he points out that the drink costs 15 dollars (13.80 €) and you have the option of ordering it with ice cream or not. Although the combination may seem odd, it indicates that it is a rich blend despite the initial appearance.

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Kayleigh Williams