‘Shame on me though’ – Fiorentina other finalist

‘Shame on me though’ – Fiorentina other finalist

Outrage over riots after AZ-West Ham finish

After the final whistle, frustrated AZ fans broke through a fence and sought confrontation with West Ham supporters.

AZ director Robert Eenhoorn bristled at the incidents and commented to ESPN. “Fortunately, no injuries seem to have occurred. All that remains for me is to apologize and wish West Ham success in the final.”

Jansen also addressed the events. “I do feel ashamed that this happened in our stadium. You have to be able to control your emotions.”

AZ-WHU | 88′ No penalty

Zouma got the ball on his hand in the sixteen, but enough for a penalty apparently was not.

Meanwhile, Mexx Meerdink joined AZ.

AZ-WHU | 80′ Things are slowing down at AZ

AZ was doing very well after the break, but the best seems to be gone. Often the passes do not arrive or actions fail.

Anyway, one moment can be enough to force an extension.

AZ-WHU | 65′ Good bang Hatzidiakos

Defender Hatzidiakos picked up the ball from Antonio and then steamed forward. Eventually he is able to shoot, but his effort from the bounce goes straight at the goal.

AZ is still full in the match.

Fiorentina is ahead against Basel

In Switzerland, Fiorentina was ahead 1-0 against Basel at halftime. The goal was by Nicolas Gonzalez.

That makes it 2-2 overall in the other semifinal, following Basel’s 2-1 win in Florence last week.

AZ-WHU | 32′ AZ scrambles again

After a lesser phase, AZ now has a lot of ball possession again. No big chances yet, but only one combination has to succeed and it can be a hit.

West Ham springs back to the back again.

Little spectacle in Alkmaar for now. AZ is trying to become dangerous, but still taking little risk.

West Ham reports a bit more often on the enemy half, where it looks for Paquetá, Benrahma and Bowen. These are the players who should make the difference for the Hammers.

Burger or Amrabat to final

With Wouter Burger (Basel) or Sofyan Amrabat (Fiorentina), at least one former league player will be in the final of the Conference League. Burger left Feyenoord in the summer of 2021 and quickly worked his way into the starting lineup at Basel. Amrabat, former Utrecht and former Feyenoord, is a star player at Fiorentina.

Last week Basel managed to win the outward game with Fiorentina 2-1.

Burger and Amrabat during Fiorentina – Basel

Orange-tinged Wolfsburg wins German Women’s Cup

In front of nearly 45,000 spectators – a record – the footballers of VfL Wolfsburg seized the German Cup for the ninth (!) time in a row. SC Freiburg were beaten 4-1 in Cologne.

Orange internationals Lynn Wilms and Dominique Janssen played the entire match for Wolfsburg. Jill Roord was substituted ten minutes before time.

Wolfsburg owed the win to an early own goal by Lisa Karl and hits by Rebecka Blomqvist, Alexandra Popp and Janssen (penalty) after halftime. Shortly before the break, Janina Minge scored the equalizer with her head.

ED: ‘PSV talks about transfer Pepi’

According to Rik Elfrink of the Eindhovens Dagblad, PSV is pushing for the arrival of Ricardo Pepi. The Eindhoveners are reportedly planning to make a bid with Germany’s Augsburg.

Last season, Pepi played on a rental basis for FC Groningen. For the recently relegated club, he scored 12 goals.

Moyes expects exciting night against AZ

West Ham United coach David Moyes knows his side will have to go full out tonight to make things difficult for ‘Alkmaar,’ as he calls AZ.

“They are doing very well in Europe and in the premier league. I think it will be a very open match.”

West Ham coach Moyes: ‘Will have to fight for it against AZ’

Earlier in the day, Ajax announced that goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg is ending his playing career. The 40-year-old goalkeeper will already say goodbye to the supporters of Ajax, the club where he was under contract for the past few seasons, next Sunday during the home game against FC Utrecht.

Stekelenburg returned to Amsterdam in the summer of 2020, having already completed the youth academy at Ajax and spent nine years under the crossbar at the first team (2002-2011). He kept a total of 311 games for Ajax, including 29 after his return.

Maarten Stekelenburg during the 2021 European Championships

The Hero of Alkmaar, who felled AZ in 2005

He only has to step onto the steps of the Estádio José Alvalade during Sporting Portugal’s home games or he is invariably reminded by onlookers of that one day: May 5, 2005.

Or better: the 122nd minute of the UEFA Cup semifinal between AZ and Sporting Clube de Portugal that took place then.

In the eighty official games Miguel Garcia played for Sporting Clube de Portugal, he did score two goals. One of those two goals eighteen years ago marked the 3-2 that sealed the elimination of AZ. It earned him a nickname to which he is bound for life.

A story with O Herói de Alkmaar. The Hero of Alkmaar.

Jansen on returned trio: ‘They make us stronger’

For the first time in 42 years, AZ can qualify for a European final tomorrow. Coach Pascal Jansen’s team is confident that the 2-1 away defeat against West Ham United in Alkmaar can be erased.

That belief is strengthened by the fact that AZ will again have left back Milos Kerkez, midfielder Dani de Wit and winger Jesper Karlsson at their disposal. The trio was missing in London last week. It is expected that Kerkez and Karlsson will start in the starting lineup, Jansen will have to choose between De Wit and Sven Mijnans for the number 10 position.

“The three players returning are important guys. They make us stronger,” Jansen said. “But the hallmark of AZ is that we always do it together.”

AZ coach Jansen ahead of semifinal: ‘Karlsson, De Wit and Kerkez make us stronger’

AZ opponent West Ham United: from working-class club to plaything porn magnate

“Perfect chastity and perfect purity are the sign of a divine life.”

With this pious thought, Arnold Hills founded a company soccer team in 1895 for the employees of his shipyard. The Thames Ironworks F.C. of that time is now West Ham United, today owned by – how ironic – a porn magnate.

Coincidentally, this Arnold Hills is the great-great-grandfather of young journalist Frank Hills (25), who grew up in the Netherlands. “His story has been passed down from father to son,” Hills says. West Ham is in the Hills family’s DNA. “My nieces and nephews have season tickets,” he says.

Hills himself also tries to visit an occasional West Ham United game, defending a 2-1 lead in Alkmaar tonight in the Conference League semifinals against AZ.

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