Feijóo demands Sánchez to explain the content of the agreements signed with the U.S.

Feijóo demands Sánchez to explain the content of the agreements signed with the U.S.

The leader of the opposition finds it “legitimate” to demand explanations from the President of the Government. about the agreements that Spain has recently signed with the United States. This is what Alberto Núñez Feijóo has claimed after learning that Pedro Sánchez has agreed with Joe Biden to deploy two new US Navy ships at the Rota Naval Base.

“We would like to know the contents and scope of the agreements we have signed with the United States.” Feijóo has launched Feijóo on the eve of Sánchez’s visit to Biden. “We are glad that Sánchez will be received at the White House, even though he is the Spanish president who has taken the longest to be invited.”

What has disturbed the leader of the opposition is having learned from the press that “a minister has committed to harbor on its coasts warships of the U.S. Navy.” That is to say, Feijóo does not criticize the substance in question, but the forms. that the Government provides. In this line, Feijóo has denounced that Sánchez “has refused to inform” the PP, when “these new warships need the exact knowledge of the Spanish popular sovereignty and the agreement of the Congress of Deputies”.

Feijóo has used this last bilateral agreement to again denounce that the Government has. “broken the consensus” in foreign policy, as he has been warning for months about the Spanish presidency in Europe. Despite the fact that all the parliamentary groups have been working for months on their proposals that they will submit to vote in the report of the joint committee on May 9, Feijóo insists on having “zero information on the Spanish Presidency of the EU by an atypical and Frankenstein Government, which breaks the tradition of reaching a consensus on the European agenda with the opposition”.

The PP bench applauds during a plenary session in the Congress of Deputies.

In addition to claiming once again that it should be the President of the Government who personally informs him of his objectives for when he presides over the EU, Feijóo has urged him to reform the crime of embezzlement following the Brussels plans. “We cannot arrive at the Presidency of the EU on July 1 without molding our Penal Code to the sentences for corruption established by the EU.”.

Kayleigh Williams