Misunderstanding and anger after suspended Brabant derby: ‘Deeply and profoundly sad’

Misunderstanding and anger after suspended Brabant derby: ‘Deeply and profoundly sad’
NAC captain Cuco Martina

NOS Soccer

In a joint statement with the municipality of Breda, police and prosecutors, NAC writes that “a small group of malicious people has deliberately put the NAC evening of many well-intentioned supporters at risk and even endangered it.”

NAC has a suspect in sight for throwing objects towards the players of Willem II and calls on this person to come forward.

Objects on the field

The fraught derby between the Brabant clubs was first halted because fireworks had been thrown on the field. Not much later, the match was halted when Willem II players were pelted with cups.

Before the match, fireworks were already set off under the canvas of an atmosphere action and flares were thrown onto the field.

NAC coach Peter Hyballa also found it incomprehensible how some supporters had behaved. “The stadium speaker said it: ‘If something is thrown again, the match will be stopped.’ It is absolutely no discipline. It’s against the team and against the club,” he told ESPN.

‘This is going to happen more often now’

“Setting off fireworks and throwing cups of beer, you see that in other countries too. It’s good that the Netherlands is now saying: show discipline. But on the other hand, I think this will become more common now. Or we have to hang high nets everywhere in the stadiums like in Germany.”

Watch the reaction of NOS Sport analysts and NOS editor Stan Rombouts to the suspended match below:

Willem II coach Reinier Robbemond thought it was good that referee Jeroen Manschot applied the tightened rules strictly. “It always remains to be seen whether a referee acts according to the rules or thinks: I condone it. He sticks to the rules. And rightly so. Apparently, as players you are not even allowed to celebrate a goal anymore, then you immediately get this.”

According to Robbemond, it was time for action. “Since corona time, we have seen thousands of beers go to the field. Obviously, this has to be over sometime. The people who do behave are the brunt of this, just like us. Just behave and drink that beer nicely, I think that’s much better.”

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