Kramer keeps RKC on course for playoffs and hurts plagued Groningen even more

Kramer keeps RKC on course for playoffs and hurts plagued Groningen even more

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So the Groningers are in danger of relegation for the first time this century. And that is quite striking, after a period in which the club was mainly a subtopper in the Netherlands.

What was surprising was that RKC did not get more than one goal on the board, as Florian Jozefzoon caused perhaps the biggest miss of this Eredivisie season midway through the first half. Set free by Mats Seuntjens, the striker clumsily got the ball against his supporting leg two meters before the empty goal.

Kramer did show himself to be a real striker well into the second half, with a clever header into the far corner. And Ricardo Pepi also showed his header skills a few minutes later.

Florian Jozefzoon misses a huge opportunity

So there was a tie on the scoreboard practically the entire match, despite a lot of exciting moments in front of both goals. FC Groningen was the better side, until that huge chance by Jozefzoon. After halftime Julen Lobete hit the crossbar on behalf of RKC, after which a penalty for Groningen was overturned at the insistence of VAR.

And also the yellow card for goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen was cancelled in the process, because Daleho Irandust had dropped himself very ostentatiously.

Help from Groningen

RKC went looking for a winning goal the most in the closing stages. With an eye on the playoffs for European soccer, the Waalwijkers did not really need a draw either. And with help from Groningen goalkeeper Michael Verrips, the late 2-1 came on the board.

After a wild action on Lobete, the ball went to the spot and Kramer rammed his second in five minutes before time, putting RKC in eighth place, which at the end of the league entitles them to playoff participation.

Groningen is now eight points behind a nacompetition spot after the sixth defeat in a row.

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