Willem II closer to nacompetition after narrow home win over VVV

Willem II closer to nacompetition after narrow home win over VVV
Jizz Hornkamp struck two goals for Willem II

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Willem II in the Keuken Kampioen Divisie also remained without losing points in its fourth match of the fourth period. The Tilburgers won 2-1 at home against VVV Venlo, which was just one point behind number four in the regular league table. That position will also earn them a ticket to the nacompetition for promotion/degradation.

Halfway through the dull first half, VVV, taking advantage of a sloppy phase by the home team, took the lead in Tilburg. Martijn Berden laid the ball ready for Sven Braken, who coolly rounded. Ten minutes later Willem II came alongside through Jizz Hornkamp, who shot diagonally from deep on the right.

On the benches

Immediately after halftime Hornkamp, until today good for five goals in 25 appearances, asserted himself once again. A free kick by Thijs Oosting ended up at the far post via Lucas Woudenberg, where the striker was ready to register the 2-1. The cheering had barely died down when Hornkamp got the Brabant fans on their benches again. His hat trick did not go through, however, because the linesman had detected offside.

A clever move by Rick Ketting, who came to the aid of his goalkeeper on the line, prevented Oosting from putting the game into the lock prematurely. However, Willem II’s victory was hardly in danger anymore.

Kayleigh Williams