Texas judge halts approval of abortion pill across the U.S.

Texas judge halts approval of abortion pill across the U.S.

A federal judge in Texas has issued Friday a suspension which would end the seven-day nationwide prescription and distribution of mifespristone, one of the two drugs used for abortion medically and has been distributed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. market for more than two decades.

District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, an appointee of former President Trump, has given Gov. a one-week window to appeal before its ruling takes effect, the U.S. newspaper reported. The Hill

The lawsuit against the FDA, filed by doctors and anti-abortion associations, claims that the drug is unsafe and alleges that the FDA did not study it carefully enough.

Washington judge says the pill must remain on the market in at least 12 states.

A second federal judge, this time in Washington state, Thomas Owen Rice, has said a few hours later in a new ruling that the FDA must uphold abortifacient drugs available in at least 12 liberal states that sued the FDA to manufacture the abortion pills, as reported in the CNN.

“It is not the Court’s function to review the scientific evidence and decide whether the benefits of mifepristone outweigh its risks without REMS and/or ETASU. This is precisely the role of the FDA” explained Rice, to which he added that “the record demonstrates potentially inconsistent FDA findings regarding the safety profile of mifepristone.”

The states in which it would be maintained are Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota. In addition to Washington DC and Michigan.

Biden assures that his administration will “fight” the decision.

The president of the United States has assured this Friday that his administration will “will fight” against this decisionaccording to a White House press release.

“The prescription drug in question is used for medication abortion, and the medication abortion accounts for more than half of the abortions in the United States.. The lawsuit, and this ruling, is another unprecedented step to take away women’s basic freedoms and put their health at risk,” the president explained.

He added, “This doesn’t just affect women in Texas; if upheld, it would prevent women in every state from accessing medication, regardless of whether abortion is legal in that state. It is the next big step toward national ban on abortion That Republican elected officials have promised to make law in the United States.”

Demonstration in Washington DC, USA, against anti-abortion laws passed in Texas and elsewhere in the country, October 2, 2021.

For this reason, she has related that they will “fight” against this decision, but that “the only way to stop those who are committed to taking away the rights and freedoms of women in every state is to elect a Congress that will pass a law reinstating Roe v. Wade.”

The country’s vice president, Kamala Harris, has denounced in other statements that “this decision threatens the rights of Americans across the country, who can look in their medicine cabinets and find drugs prescribed by a doctor because the FDA initiated a process to determine the efficacy and safety of those drugs.”

“In the face of the attacks on women’s rights to access abortion, our administration will continue to fight to protect reproductive freedom and the ability of all Americans to make health care decisions without political interference,” he concluded.

For her part, U.S. House Representative in Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has urged the president in an interview on CNN to. “ignore” the Texas judge’s decision.

The director of Public Affairs for the company that manufactures this pill has described this as “a dark day for public health, especially for reproductive rights and the reliance on science and medical expertise to guide decisions about which drugs are safe and effective and should be available to patients.”

Kayleigh Williams