Disgust over new ‘low point’ at De Kuip: ‘Outrageous behavior’

Disgust over new ‘low point’ at De Kuip: ‘Outrageous behavior’
Davy Klaassen with a head injury

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“A low point,” Justice and Security Minister Yeşilgöz called the incident in which Ajax player Davy Klaassen was hit in the game with Feyenoord by probably a lighter from the crowd. “What a shame. If you attack or pelt a player you are not a supporter, but a huge lout who should be punished.”

The semifinal of the cup tournament at De Kuip was halted for more than half an hour after the incident. All players followed Klaassen, who had a large head wound, to the dressing rooms. For a long time it was not clear whether the game would be played out.

Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, in addition to the KNVB, can also suspend a match in special circumstances, but he said that was not the case.

“This was a very disappointing evening. I am sorry that this happened to Klaassen, but in order to stop a match, public order must be at stake and that was not the case.” Aboutaleb did call the incident “the bankruptcy of soccer.”

According to Ajax coach John Heitinga, his players were also eager to finish the game. “For me the most important thing was how it went with Davy. Could he continue or not?” said Heitinga. “And beyond that, it was about the safety of the players. That could be guaranteed. So players wanted to finish the game.”

Ajax won the match 2-1, but soon after the resumption Klaassen had to be substituted because he was dizzy. The Amsterdammers announced after the match that they would press charges against the person who hit Klaassen. Even during the match the police, based on camera images, arrested a 32-year-old man from Roelofarendsveen. A second suspect was also arrested. It concerns someone who had set off heavy fireworks at the beginning of the match.

‘Downright outrageous’

Police union ACP also does not have a good word to say about the behavior of some spectators at the Kuip. “Downright scandalous behavior of some ‘soccer supporters’ around #klassieker,” responded chairman Wim Groeneweg. “It costs society a lot of money and police capacity to manage this. Therefore the discussion about (away) crowds at matches and other measures.”

The union believes that decisive action by soccer federation KNVB cannot fail. “Violence around soccer matches is inadmissible and further fuels the discussion about (away) crowds around matches,” the ACP said.

Watch reactions after the match from manager competition affairs professional soccer Jan Bluyssen, Ahmed Aboutaleb (mayor of Rotterdam), Orkun Kökçü, Arne Slot and John Heitinga below.

The KNVB posted a statement on its own website shortly after the match. “Recently a player was beaten by a supporter and now another low point has been reached,” it read.

“Thousands of people go to the stadium to watch the players play soccer. Then it is insane that they are apparently not safe on the field. Of course, tonight’s events will be investigated, with the common goal of punishing the perpetrators.”


General manager Dennis te Kloese has personally apologized to Klaassen on behalf of Feyenoord for the misbehavior of some spectators.

Klaassen himself said he did not consider stopping playing. “I didn’t want to run away. Then they have you. I won’t let that happen,” he told ESPN.

His inability to resume the game was due to a throbbing feeling in his head. “Then bravely continuing doesn’t make much sense,” he said. He stressed that there were no serious injuries. “I’m fine again, though. And luckily we won.”

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