Cabinet enters talks with soccer clubs and KNVB after lighter incident

Cabinet enters talks with soccer clubs and KNVB after lighter incident
Justice and Security Minister Yesilgöz

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The cabinet is entering talks with soccer clubs and the KNVB, following the incident during the game between Feyenoord and Ajax, in which Ajacied Davy Klaassen was hit by a lighter.

Before the start of the council of ministers, Justice and Security Minister Yesilgöz expressed her “embarrassment” over the situation. “If you do this you are just not right in the head. I first want to know exactly what happened. Did this person have a stadium ban? Were the others who threw also arrested? Did enforcement not go well or was something else going on?”

Yesilgöz could have imagined that the game was stopped altogether. “But of course that consideration has to be made on the spot. I understand the appeal of the police unions.” Those said a decisive crackdown cannot fail.

The minister points out that the match was already played without away supporters. “If you continue like this, even own supporters won’t be able to. That is such a pauperization of the sport.”

Yeşilgöz on lighter incident at cup match: ‘Get a grip’

Minister Helder for Sports, through a spokesman, let it be known that this behavior is outrageous and unacceptable. “Rivalry in sport is wonderful, but apparently there are people who have difficulty with the difference between rivalry and open enmity.” Whether the incident in the Kuip means anything for the future of supporters at matches, Helder cannot yet say.

President Gianni Infantino of world soccer federation FIFA also condemned the events at the cup match in Rotterdam. He said the safety of players must be ensured at all times.

“Without exception, all players in soccer must be able to feel safe and I call on the responsible authorities to guarantee this at all levels. There is absolutely no place for violence in soccer, on or off the field. Incidents like the one with Davy Klaassen have no place in our sport,” Infantino said.

Suspect still in custody

The 32-year-old man arrested for throwing an object at Klaassen is still in custody. His interrogation continues today, police said.

Footage shows more objects were thrown from the stands, by several people. Police are investigating that.

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