Media will not be able to live stream Trump arraignment

Media will not be able to live stream Trump arraignment

U.S. media will not be able to broadcast live the arraignment of former president Donald Trump in a Manhattan state court.

That was ordered Monday by New York state Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan, rejecting a request by several media organizations to broadcast the historic trial.

Judge Merchan noted in the court order that. only five photographers would be allowed into the jury box. prior to the arraignment.

Trump arrives in New York.

In justifying his decision, the judge explained that even though the media has an interest “important and undoubtedly genuine” in relaying what happens inside the court, this must be weighed against “competing” interests.

A “circus atmosphere”

The former president’s lawyers expressed on Monday morning before the judge their disagreement in the face of the media’s request, asserting that rebroadcasting the arraignment would create a “circus atmosphere” and would be “inconsistent with the presumption of innocence” of Trump.

In his decision, the judge nonetheless acknowledged. the importance of the appearance of the former Republican president before the courts.

“This indictment involves a matter of monumental importance that cannot be questioned,” Judge Merchan wrote.

Protests against Donald Trump in New York.

Trump on Thursday became the country’s first former president to face criminal charges after being indicted. by a New York grand jury in a case related to the payment of a bribe to porn actress Stormy Daniels, with whom the former president had an “affair” in 2006.

The exact charges for which he has been indicted are unknown because the indictment is under seal of secrecybut on Tuesday a New York judge will read him the charges and it will possibly be known exactly what he is accused of and what penalty he could face.

Kayleigh Williams