PSV receives 20,000 euro fine for field stormer, stand must also be partially closed

PSV receives 20,000 euro fine for field stormer, stand must also be partially closed
Johan Bakayoko

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European soccer federation UEFA has fined PSV 20,000 euros for the incident with field goaltender Dylano K. in the Europa League home match with Sevilla.

PSV must also partially close a stand behind the goal at the next European home match. This concerns 851 seats in section X. A total of 35,119 people can enter the Philips Stadium. The Eindhoven club is going to recover the fine from the field stormers.

Cell sentence and 40-year stadium ban

On Feb. 23 of this year, Dylano K. entered the field and attacked Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrović. He tried to punch the Serb, after which Dmitrović worked him to the ground. Subsequently, the field striker was removed from the field by stewards.

The offender, who had a blood alcohol level of 1.6, was found to have already received two stadium bans from PSV and should not have been allowed access to the Philips Stadium. PSV gave K. another stadium ban after the last incident, this time of 40 years.

The prosecution gave Dylano K. a three-month prison sentence, of which one month was suspended. The 20-year-old Roermond resident had to serve his sentence immediately, with a probation period of two years.

Dmitrovic restrains field goaltender Dylano K.

PSV general manager Marcel Brands balks at the sanctions. “We find it very annoying that part of the PSV supporters are the victims of the misbehavior of an individual. We will now try to recover the fine from him.”

PSV will also receive another fine of 9,375 euros for throwing beer on the pitch during the 2-0 win against Sevilla.

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