Outcry over soccer celeb Lineker comparing British asylum policy to Nazi Germany

Outcry over soccer celeb Lineker comparing British asylum policy to Nazi Germany
Gary Lineker

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British broadcaster BBC is engaging Match of the Day presenter and former footballer Gary Lineker after a tweet comparing Britain’s asylum policy to practices of Nazi Germany.

In the tweet, he stated that fewer refugees are being accepted in Britain compared to other major European countries. “This is just incredibly cruel policy targeting the most vulnerable people in a language not much different from that of Germany in the 1930s.”

The BBC reports that their highest-paid anchor will be held accountable. According to the broadcaster, the comments are inconsistent with their independence guidelines.

The immediate reason for Lineker’s comments is a tweet from the British Home Secretary, Suella Braverman. In a video, she lays out the government’s asylum plans. The plan is to prevent illegal migrants from being granted asylum.

Under the new law, these people would have to be taken to their country of origin or a safe “third” country such as Rwanda. “We must stop the boats,” the video reads above.

‘No feeling’

Braverman, of the Conservative Party, says she is “disappointed” in Lineker’s comments. Her party colleague Lee Anderson believes Lineker has “no feeling” and should stick to soccer.

Craig Mackinlay, MP for the “Conservatives,” thinks the BBC should sack the presenter.

Lineker, who played eighty international matches for England, tweeted afterwards that he has never felt so much love and support as he did this morning. “Other than my World Cup goals then,” he reported with a quip. “It means a lot. I’ll keep trying to stand up for those poor souls who don’t have a voice.”

Kayleigh Williams