American takeover candidate Vitesse in talks with owner GelreDome

American takeover candidate Vitesse in talks with owner GelreDome

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The first steps toward calmer waters at Vitesse have been taken. GelreDome owner Michael van de Kuit has entered talks for the first time with Coley Parry, the American who is awaiting KNVB approval for his takeover of the ailing Arnhem club.

Speaking to Omroep Gelderland, Van de Kuit says the following about this: “We looked each other up and had talks without directors. About the stadium problem and the future of Vitesse.”

It’s the first time the parties are at the table

Last week Vitesse lost summary proceedings over use of the stadium, jeopardizing the club’s professional license. Van de Kuit and the Vitesse board are no longer talking to each other.

On Thursday the judge will look into a possible remaining “perpetual playing right” that would allow Vitesse to always continue playing soccer at the GelreDome. Tuesday is the second hearing in these ground proceedings.

Van de Kuit would like to postpone that court case. He has had a difficult relationship with the board and general manager Pascal van Wijk for years. Vitesse did not agree to the stadium owner’s wishes because of “the delaying effect and adverse effects.”

Van de Kuit has now sought rapprochement with Parry and his investment company, in which he also previously had little confidence. That seems different now: “Developments are suddenly moving fast.”

‘Savior in distress’

On September 8 last year, Parry was presented as a lifesaver at Vitesse. He and his Common Group could provide the club with much-needed new financial opportunities. Parrey showed ambition, visibility and approachability, but after that things remained quiet.

The KNVB is checking the possible takeover for purity and support, so the American is in the waiting room for now.

Kayleigh Williams