Grim atmosphere after Frisian derby in Leeuwarden, eight arrests

Grim atmosphere after Frisian derby in Leeuwarden, eight arrests
Police were pelted with stones

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After the SC Cambuur v. sc Heerenveen match in Leeuwarden, police arrested eight people. According to the police, the atmosphere after the game between the two soccer clubs was grim and many acts of vandalism were committed around the stadium.

Supporters of both soccer clubs sought confrontation after the game won by Heerenveen. They pelted each other with stones, pieces of wood, trash containers and pieces of concrete.

The mobile unit acted to ensure that the Heerenveen fans’ buses could leave safely. Nevertheless, a window of one of the buses shattered.

Police horse injured

Even after the buses left, unrest continued, police reported. In the process, officers were pelted with stones. Several police vehicles were vandalized and a police horse was injured by a stone.

The arrested men are between 17 and 39 years old and are from Leeuwarden, Sneek, Gytsjerk, Wergea, Goutum and the municipality of Heerenveen. Four of them are in custody for open violence, such as throwing stones.

Three others were arrested for wearing face coverings. One refused to comply with a police order or demand.

The Frisian derby was won by the club from Heerenveen:

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