dive into the world of the post-apocalyptic slot Karen Maneater

A new crazy online slot machine is available at online casinos that include NoLimit City software: Karen Maneater ! This last one, which, like its elders, is not politically correct, highlights an unusual woman who is ready to do anything to roast the last men of her entourage, who have survived a terrible cataclysm. If you want a friendly advice: avoid provoking Karen or you will end up on the menu of the day!

Karen Maneater: NoLimit City’s new slot with no morals

With 6 reels and an odd number of rows (2-3-3-3-3-3), the new Karen Maneater slot machine from NoLimit City features over 486 unlockable paylines. In addition to its very atypical configuration, Karen Maneater is a slot machine that does not hesitate to hit the ethical wall: the protagonist, a forty-something woman with dark ideas and cannibalistic features, wants to eat her male friends! And if she could feed her raccoon friends at the same time, she wouldn’t hesitate to give it a go!

Karen Maneater’s plot takes place on a devastated planet Earth, amidst the debris of what was once an amusement park. Karen is accompanied by four survivors who will soon end up on skewers, although others will be baked or pan-fried! All of them are entitled to their own symbol, and thus to a bonus mini-game with a little staging. It should be noted that the most dreaded scenes of Karen Maneater are not very explicit, the whole being always put in image in a comic book spirit of the most successful and captivating. As for the soundtrack, it is also of very good quality.

xWays symbols, clusters, multipliers, a whole bunch of lucrative bonuses on the menu!

Karen Maneater has a lot of exciting bonus features. For example, the reels on the right side of the screen expand by an extra row when a Scatter symbol is drawn! This gameplay mechanic has a name: the xWays ! Of course, the more Scatter symbols drawn, the more winning combinations are possible! In addition, the same Scatter icons allow the player to activate the “Bonus Meal”: at the end of the 10 Free Spins granted to the user, the symbols that are in the xWays radius will then double in size, just like the Clusters.

Karen Maneater also has a “Nudge” wild symbol. The Nudge symbol comes with a 1x win multiplier, which increases by one when a new row of Wilds is completed by the player.

xWays Hoarder xSplit™ has been a huge success. Karen’s character is drawn from this slot machine. We decided to give her her own spin-off, we knew it would please our players greatly “said Per Lindheimer, Head of Games at NoLimit City.

Kayleigh Williams