she wins more than 172 000 euros having bet only 3 euros!

The Barrière casino of Le Touquet, in the Pas-de-Calais department, made a happy player last July 14th! Indeed, it is in the middle of the national holiday that a lady aged 50 years and some dust has won the jackpot of one of the slot machines of the establishment! Deciphering.

She bets €3 and wins €172,000 on a slot machine!

On July 14, 2022, at the casino of Le Touquet managed and operated by the Barrière group, a tourist living in the south of France won the mega jackpot on one of the slot machines of the establishment. While on vacation in the region, she pocketed the princely sum of €172,720.49, which constitutes one of the largest winnings ever at the casino Barrière du Touquet !

The happy event took place at 11:10 pm, shortly after the traditional fireworks had been fired. An immense cry of joy was heard in the corridors of the casino of Le Touquet. The curious visitors, attracted by the noise, approached the slot machine supported by Dame Chance. In front of the screen of this one, a player could not believe her eyes! And yet, if all the lights of the slot machine were flashing at the same time, it was not for nothing: the lady had really won more than 172 000 €!

Caroline Fraboulet, marketing manager of the Barrière du Touquet casino, tells what she saw at the time of the facts: ” You know, this winnings had been pending for several years. It could fall at any time. The winner bet only €3 but was extremely lucky and managed to hit the jackpot “. This is all the more true since the 50-year-old woman who was so lucky that night had only been to the casino in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage twice before.

Casino du Touquet: “A six-figure win doesn’t happen every day

The win was on our Quick Hit™ slot machine number 487. This is a very successful video slot machine “, explains Caroline Fraboulet, before continuing. ” CIt is really rare to get a win of this value. We’re used to winning amounts ranging from €1,000 to €5,000 very regularly. But a six-figure win doesn’t happen every day. It will certainly take many years before a new win like this happens again. “.

The last time I checked, the lady who won the €172,000 is returned from vacation with stars in her eyes. By the way, if you too are hoping to hit a six-figure jackpot, the Barrière du Touquet casino has another huge jackpot to offer you. Indeed, it is already several years that a gain of 236 000 € is pending at the casino located Place de l’Hermitage …

Kayleigh Williams