At least six dead in Mississippi shooting spree

At least six dead in Mississippi shooting spree

Authorities in Mississippi have stopped one person Friday following a shooting which has left at least six dead and one injured in Tate County, in the northwestern part of the state in United States.

As reported by Tate County Sheriff Brad Lance to CNN, the suspect has been taken into custody after opening fire on his ex-partner and, it is believed, also against other members of his family in the same county.

Officers responded to the first emergency call at around 11:00 (local time) when the detainee shot the driver of a vehicle who was standing next to him, near a store in the town of Arkabutla.

The alleged actor of the facts then went to the home of her ex-wife where, according to Lance, he ended the wife’s life and physically attacked her fiancé.

The authorities then found the bodies of two other victims, a man and a woman, killed by gunshot wounds at the residence next door to the suspect’s residence. Another victim has been injured during the shootingsShe has been taken to a hospital in the region.

Authorities found the alleged perpetrator after. finding his vehicle, which matched the description provided, in front of his home, in which several were also found. pistols and a shotgun. The man was arrested while attempting to leave his area of residence.

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At this moment the suspect is in the Tate County Jail pending further charges to be filed against him throughout the day on Friday.

So far, as clarified by CNN, the detainee and the victims. have not been identified and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, in conjunction with local law enforcement, are investigating the motive of the shooting.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves said via Twitter that, so far, it is believed that the detainee acted alone: “I will ensure that all state resources are available to law enforcement as we continue to investigate the situation,” he added.

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