Van Nistelrooij ‘enjoyed’ PSV game, ‘but 3-0 defeat is a big deception’

Van Nistelrooij ‘enjoyed’ PSV game, ‘but 3-0 defeat is a big deception’

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Van Nistelrooij sees effective Sevilla: ‘It’s never finished, hugely difficult though’

Of course, PSV’s players and staff are holding out hope for a miracle. But after the 3-0 defeat in the first meeting with Sevilla, they too realize that the European season is almost certainly over. And that feels unnecessary.

Indeed, Ruud van Nistelrooij had enjoyed his team’s play in the first half. “But because of a blackout we are still 1-0 behind,” the PSV coach said. Noted captain Luuk de Jong wasted the ball on his own half with a frivolous pass with the outside of the foot. Sevilla took advantage and took the lead.

Within ten minutes in the second half, the Spaniards extended the margin to 3-0. Normally, this decided the duel in intermediate round of the Europa League.

‘Just enjoying’

“Our plan was just right,” Van Nistelrooij sighed. “Pressing high, trapping the opponent and good positional play. It was just enjoyable.”

But at European level it’s only about the result, Van Nistelrooij as a former Manchester United and Real Madrid player knows better than anyone else. “You have to be judged on the result, nothing else counts at this level. And the result is a big deception.”

‘Giving everything’

Defender André Ramalho hopes to recover from the 3-0 defeat at home next week. “We are going to give everything, but of course it will be very difficult. With our fans behind us, we have to try to make the 1-0 and the 2-0 and see what is possible.”

Van Nistelrooij sees no reason to adjust his style of play. “For three moments we paid a high price here. But otherwise it was very acceptable. Although it’s better to leave that out, because it’s only about the result.”

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