Pragmatic Play donates to Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

A small wildlife park located in the Botanical Gardens of Gibraltar, the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park (AWCP) cares for injured exotic animals as well as those confiscated by customs, such as the bald tamarin. Online casino games developer Pragmatic Play, which has part of its premises in the British Overseas Territory located on the southern coast of Spain, has decided to make a donation to help the AWCP.

Pragmatic Play donates to the Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park

iGaming provider Pragmatic Play has made a donation of approximately €7,000 to Alameda Wildlife Conservation Parkthe only nature reserve in the small territory of Gibraltar, which is home to several native and exotic animal species.

Located in the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Alameda, the AWCP is mainly concerned with rescued animals that need important care. For example, 90% of the lemurs and tamarins that have taken refuge in the park have been rescued by the animal caretakers.

In addition to the tropical species mentioned above, Gibraltar Wildlife Park is home to three species of North American turtles: the snapping turtle, the map turtle, and the yellow-bellied softshell turtle, the latter of which can live for over seventy years in its natural habitat.

Needless to say, one of the primary goals of the AWCP is the conservation of endangered species. To ensure the survival of these species, the AWCP has set up conservation projects with an international dimension. Thanks to its various breeding programs in captivity, the association hopes to play a major role in the global conservation of rare and at-risk groups.

Pragmatic Play’s donation will help the park finance the renovation of the tanks reserved for North American turtles, which require an environment consisting of 90% filtered running water to ensure their good health and cleanliness.

Julian Parvis: ” We want to engage in as many local initiatives as possible

Julian Parvis, Pragmatic Play’s CEO, said the company wants to “(…) engage in as many local initiatives as possible “. He continued: ” As the only wildlife park in Gibraltar, theAWCP fulfills a crucial role in protecting rare animal species. We are extremely proud to be able to support the redesign of the outdoor areas that will be used for turtles. The money will provide a new home for four species of turtles in a new pond that meets the latest standards. This is a great victory for everyone “.

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Kayleigh Williams