Leenesha Columbus, Zachary Robinson: Pregnant Mom Killed By Baby’s Father Near George Floyd’s Memorial Site

Leenesha Columbus, Zachary Robinson: Pregnant Mom Killed By Baby’s Father Near George Floyd’s Memorial Site

Leneesha Columbus, a pretty, 5-months pregnant woman, and mother, was savagely killed in or near her SUV, a block away from the George Floyd memorial site. Detectives say the man responsible for her death is Zachary Robinson, the father of her then-unborn child. Leneesha Columbus was shot dead on July 5. Her baby was delivered successfully but has since died, according to People. Held on a $1.5 million bond, Hennepin County detectives originally charged 27-year old Zachary Robinson with second-degree-murder, second-degree assault, and gun possession. Now, her violent lover is charged with two counts of second-degree-murder. Police believe he shot the mother of his child during a domestic dispute.

Timeline of Leneesha Columbus Murder

Place: Elliot and 37th Minneapolis, Minnesota, Near George Floyd’s Memorial Site



Leneesha Columbus was a 27-year-old model and publicist for Dawgy Entertainment. Before her shocking death, she was living her life and preparing to give birth to a baby girl in three months. Those who knew her say she was sweet and soft-spoken. And many were devastated upon hearing of her death. One such person was a former co-worker named Franklin, who remembered her as a pleasant lady to work with and a “shining light.” A former teacher named Robert E. Willis posted the following message on her obituary page.

“My Utmost Condolences to All Involved! Leneesha was one of my students. She Graduated from PPL, Project for Pride in Living’s Banking Class #44 on June 22, 2018. She was an Incredible Brilliant Light and in my world, had a Very Promising Future. Like all of my students, her picture is on my wall at home. The World is Less Bright With Her Candle Blown Out. Rest In Peace Young Jedi! To Her Family, I have 2 Photos of her if you want them.”

My note: In researching this case, I happened upon Zachary Robinson’s Facebook page. Zachary is the baby’s father, and he appears to have gang affiliations and a high interest in the Somali community. He also loved Somali women.

Sunday, July 5

  • This all unfolds after the death of George Floyd, a man who was held down and murdered by police as he struggled to breathe. Like many Americans, Leneesha was outraged and concerned. Leneesha watched Fox News coverage and kept up with the happenings in the Black Lives Matter community. It’s eerie that Leneesha had no idea that in a few short weeks, her life, and the life of her baby, would end at the hands of a man she knew and once loved.
  • Leneesha Columbus, aka Nee-Nee, is seen arguing with a man. She enters her SUV as shots ring out and receives a gunshot wound to the torso.
  • Bystanders try to save Leneesha’s life by performing life-saving techniques.
  • She is transported to Hennepin County Medical Center, where she dies shortly after her baby girl is delivered.
  • Born three months premature, the newborn infant is named Leneesha LaDell Columbus and is listed in critical condition.
  • The same day, a man confronts Zachary Robinson and is shot in the foot. The unidentified man checks himself into the local hospital for treatment.
  • Authorities learn the shooting incidences are related.
  • A background check on Zachary Robinson shows he’s a violent man with a criminal history dating back to his teen years, according to the Star Tribune.
  • A witness comes forward and points the finger at Zachary Robinson as Leneesha’s killer. Police tell the public they have charged Zachary Robinson and are currently looking for him.

July 7

GoFundMe page is created to help Leneesha’s family with expenses.

July 8

  • Mother of three Leneesha Columbus is identified as the victim of the fatal shooting. Her family calls for an end to violence. Charles M. Dillon is Leneesha’s uncle and a popular radio personality and local celebrity.

July 14

  • Zachary Robinson is apprehended in Chicago and held on a $1.5 million bond.
  • He is also booked on rioting charges related to another shooting that occurred in June. Days later, Leneesha Columbus is laid to rest.

August 5

Named after her mother and grandmother, Leneesha LaDell Columbus dies. She is just four weeks old. Leneesha Columbus’ mother, Ladell Turnipseed, writes the following on Facebook.

Dear lord this is the second child I have had to bury i pray for families 🙏 every were that has had to do this 😪😪❤💋

Posted by Ladell Turnipseed on Wednesday, July 8, 2020

2020 has been a really badd year for me nene’s Dad has passed away he will be truly missed life is so crazy😪

Posted by Ladell Turnipseed on Monday, August 3, 2020

“Good evening thank you for your love your prayers And your concern for my granddaughter She fought the long fight but she’s tired the Lord will be calling her home tomorrow we Held on to her as long as we could once again thank you for the love you showed my babies baby she’s going home to be with her mother and she’s definitely in good hands once again love you all thank you😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔❤💋.”

My baby girl was taken from me on the 5th of July and her baby went home to to her on the 5th of August I will never be the same person again 💔 😢 💗 😪 😔 😞 😭😭😭😭

Posted by Ladell Turnipseed on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What’s Next

The trial. If this case goes to trial, more will be known as to what happened that fateful day. Intimate partner violence is at an all-time high. Leneesha follows a long line of women whose lives ended at the hands of their partners. We report on these cases and share them to remember the victim. And hopefully, the information will help another woman recognize the signs of danger in a relationship.

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