Chanell Cunningham, Maurice Phillips: Pretty Snitch, Cocaine Kingpin, and the Murders Of Chineta Glanville & Dane King

Chanell Cunningham, Maurice Phillips: Pretty Snitch, Cocaine Kingpin, and the Murders Of Chineta Glanville & Dane King

Chanell Cunningham was the lover and girlfriend of Maurice Phillips, a drug kingpin who hired a hitman to kill family friend and “auntie” Chineta Glanville. Chineta’s godson, Dane King, also died in the attack. Police records show Maurice Phillips hired a hitman to pose as a FedEx worker. Instead of delivering a package, the killer delivered gunshots and death. The story of Chanell and Maurice could be a movie. Maurice Phillips, who is described as having great style and great taste, ran an elaborate drug operation that generated multimillions in cash. The shipments originated in Mexico, before making their way to Texas, New York, and Philadelphia.

37-year-old Chanell Cunningham, a mother, was a high-ranking member of Maurice Phillips’ crime organization. The swanky pair were passionate lovers who thrived on living the good life, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. Chanell Cunningham, a pretty and dainty African American woman was his eye candy. Together, they were often seen about town in the most luxurious cars and wearing fine clothing. Tales of glittering birthday parties, where guests sipped on pricy bottles of Cristal champagne and ate birthday cakes with the initials M.S.M, which stood for music, sex, and millions were the norm. But Chanell wasn’t just a pretty woman, she was dedicated, smart, and willing to do anything for her part-time man. Maurice had a wife, so he mostly saw Chanell on the side. Chanell’s day-to-day activities helped his drug business operate smoothly.

That golden life came at a price that included bloodshed. One night in bed, Maurice Phillips confided in his mistress that he had Chineta Glanville killed four years earlier because he thought she was talking to the Feds. And it was all for Chanell Cunningham’s protection, he told her. No way he wanted her spending time in prison. Chanell Cunningham loved dating drug dealers because they could give her the glossy life she adored. As early as age 15, she began dating them. By the time she was 21, Chanell had a couple of arrests in Philadelphia related to her drug involvement.

Court records reveal in the summer of 2002, Maurice Phillips hired a family member to kill Chineta Glanville. Bryant Phillips drove up from his home and later posed as a FedEx deliveryman. When 29-year-old Dane King answered the door of the Louise Lane, Wyndmoor home, Bryant Phillips insisted he give the package to Chineta personally. Phillips then ordered Chineta to the floor and shot her in the back of the head. Dane King tried to save her but was shot three times. He was found crumpled to the floor next to a wall.

Glanville was like family to Chanell Cunningham. Police say Chineta Glanville was a professional money launderer who cooked up phony documents in Maurice Phillips’ business. It was Chanell who introduced Chineta to Maurice.

Chanell Cunningham turned state’s evidence on Maurice Phillips in exchange for a 12-year sentence for her criminal role. The judge didn’t like her. When she cried, he couldn’t understand why. He said she wasn’t crying while she was living large and “stylin’ and profilin’.” Maurice Phillips had been considered for the death penalty but was sent to prison for life.

Traciy Curry-Reyes