Becky Stowe, Robert Leamon: ID’s ‘Betrayed’ Examines Niles, Michigan Murder Case


Becky Stowe and Robert Leamon’s tale of murder will air on Betrayed, ID’s latest crime show. Becky Stowe went missing in the 1990s and was found almost two years later on a farm belonging to the family of Robert Leamon, Becky’s lover at one time. Robert Leamon was convicted and sentenced to prison for her death.


On July 13, 1993, fifteen-year-old Becky Stowe vanished from Niles, Michigan, after she said she was going to visit a friend. Her last known message to friends and family stated the following.


“Went 2 talk 2 ‘Rob.”


Police say ‘Rob’ was Robert Leamon, a husky and handsome football player who denied knowing what happened to the Brandy Wine High School student. There was speculation that Becky Stowe had simply run away from her home. However, Becky Stowe’s mother, Diana (Diane) Stowe, said she had a close relationship with her daughter and that Becky would never run away.


One local media outlet reported that at first there was a lack of interest in the case. Eventually, the police searched for the missing teen in the woods on their horses. Friends, family, and community residents also aided in the search, however, nothing came of it.


Becky Stowe had simply vanished. What police didn’t know at the time was that someone had been keeping a secret. Police learned a year and a half later that Becky was murdered by the popular Robert Leamon, who was from a prominent Michigan family, according to Robert Leamon’s ex-girlfriend, the tipster.


She said in 1993, Robert Leamon was sleeping with several young ladies and had impregnated one of them. The pregnant girl was Becky Stowe; he killed Becky because she would not terminate the pregnancy, and he was not going to let her ruin his life. The ex-girlfriend said she knew he had other girls, but she was his main one. To get rid of her, he lured Becky to meet with him, then he most likely strangled her, before discarding her body on his family’s farm, according to the South Bend Tribune.



[Second Image is Robert Leamon as he looks today. Photo via Michigan Dept. of Corrections.]

Police used shovels to dig the grave. They found her remains under a woodpile. Coroners were unable to confirm whether she’d been pregnant. Robert Leamon denied killing her in the beginning. Ultimately, he confessed and was charged with first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison. He remains there today.


Some extra information about the Becky Stowe case from the old research notes of Traciy Curry-Reyes


  • Becky Stowe’s real name is Rebecca Lynn Stowe. 
  • She disappeared the day after she told Robert Leamon she was pregnant.
  • They lived about a mile apart from each other.
  •  People heard Robert Leamon refer to Becky Stowe as “low class.”
  • Her body was found on October 15, 1995, on the farm of Robert Leamon’s uncle.
  • Robert Leamon’s cousin said after a party, Robert Leamon was wasted, and he started talking about murdering Becky Stowe. Then he laughed.
  • The cousin said he didn’t believe Robert Leamon when he said he killed her and needed to get rid of the body. After Rob Leamon dug the hole, he said, according to court testimony, “That’s big enough to bury that b—ch!”
  • The girl he really wanted was Angela Snyder. Snyder was possibly a cheerleader. (If anyone knows if this was true, please confirm.)
  • He told Angela he killed Rebecca Stowe. Angela later told her parents, and they notified the police department.
  • Robert Leamon later said that he killed her, but it was all an accident.
  • Rebecca Stowe’s mother is referred to as Diane Stowe and Diana Louise Lane Stowe Ferris.
  • Robert Leamon is referred to as Robert Leamon Jr and Robert Leamon III in some documents.
  • Becky Stowe was killed in Jones, Michigan and is buried in Silverbrook Cemetery, according to Find-A-Grave.
  • Robert Eugene Leamon has hazel eyes and stands 6’ft 0” in., tall. Today, he weighs around 210 pounds. Leamon was born November 7, 1976. He is around 41-years old at the time this article was written.
  • Robert Leamon passed a polygraph test, and suspicion fell upon the boyfriend of Becky Stowe’s mother.
  • Becky Stowe was murdered two days before her mother’s birthday.
  • One of Becky Stowe’s best friends in high school was Jacqueline Kizer. Her sister was listed as a Cindy Slates. The prosecutor was Scott Teter.
  • The journalist who wrote extensively about the case and participated in a multi-series for the South Bend Tribune was Gina Barton. The name of the series was titled, Justice For Becky, and it included exclusive interviews with people close to the case.
  • When Becky Stowe disappeared, she had just finished her freshman year at Brandywine High.
  • When Robert Leamon was finally arrested, he was 18-years-old and living at 1412 Fulkerson Road.
  • Robert Leamon was described as a polite all-American guy, who was fun to be around and who made people laugh due to his humor.
  • The coroner believed that it took nearly five minutes for Becky Stowe to die.
  • In the real case, psychic Noreen Renier was consulted.
  • In 1997, The Killing Secret aired on NBC. Then it aired on Lifetime. It is said to have been inspired by or based on the Becky Stowe murder case. Read about that here.


Attention: These notes are around 20-years-old. If there is an error, please send us an email for the correction.


Betrayed will dramatize Becky Stowe and Robert Leamon’s story tonight at 10 p.m. on Investigation Discovery. Join TV Crime Sky‘s true crime discussion page here.


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