Tiffany Bailey, Deunta Grier: Mother Murdered In Atlanta, Georgia Home By Boyfriend, On ‘Fatal Attraction’


The Tiffany Bailey, Deunta Grier murder case airs on Fatal Attraction tonight. It will chronicle the events leading up to the death of 24-year-old Tiffany Bailey, a beautiful African-American mother who was shot and killed in her Atlanta, Georgia, apartment two years ago. TV One’s Fatal Attraction will interview experts on the case.


November 7, 2015: Pavilion Place Apartments Apartments 

Atlanta investigators were called out to Apt. 4 on Cleveland Avenue at the Pavilion Place Apartments in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia. When they arrived, the door was ajar, a baby was on the couch, and Tiffany Bailey was lying face-up on the kitchen floor. Paramedics noted that the victim was still alive but unresponsive. Tiffany Bailey’s other children were also inside the home, along with her live-in boyfriend, Deunta ‘Gunz’ Grier, 25.


Investigators observed her boyfriend, Deunta Grier (Deuntay Grier), pacing back and forth frantically as he talked to someone on the phone. When police asked him what happened, his story was–two guys had knocked on his front door and shot at them. One of the guys, he said, was a light-skinned teen with freckles and a blonde patch in his hair. According to Deunta, when he saw the shooter raising the gun, he ducked or stepped out of the way, and the bullet struck Tiffany, instead. After attempts to revive Tiffany Bailey were unsuccessful, she was rushed to the hospital, where she eventually died the next day.


Deunta Grier said he didn’t know who the shooter was, but that a person named ‘Lil’ Quinn would know his name. Police records show that ‘Lil’ Quinn’s real name was Quintan Walker. Police questioned him, but he said he didn’t know who killed Tiffany. He did provide police with the name of the only person he knew with blonde hair: a 13-year-old named Antaeus Nelson, aka ‘Tay Red.’ Police checked him out, but Antaeus Nelson had an alibi and was eventually ruled out as a suspect.


A Strange Crime Scene

Police had been working on the theory that this was a robbery gone bad and that Deunta and his family were targeted because he was a known dealer. However, the coroner’s report and evidence at the scene didn’t fit that angle.

The autopsy report showed Tiffany Bailey, known as ‘Tip,’ was in a scuffle before she was shot. There was some bruising on the body, blood around the fingernails, and a horseshoe-shaped crescent indentation on her arm. Someone had also ripped the freshly-done hair extensions out of her head.


When asked about the hair extensions, Deunta told investigators the following.


“Oh yeah, she pulled her hair out. She pulled her weave out all the time immediately after she had her hair done.”


Tiffany Bailey’s family told investigators that was untrue. At the crime scene, police located part of that weave on the sofa, and the earrings, which had been in her ears, were strewn between the sofa and the floor. On a table, detectives also found plastic sandwich bags and small scales. There was also a suitcase packed with men’s clothing in the middle of the kitchen floor.



[Tiffany Bailey and her children in happier times. Second Image via Tiffany Bailey/Facebook]

There Was Trouble At Home

Family members told investigators that Tiffany Bailey wanted Deunta Grier out of her home and out of her life. To detectives, this made sense. To get more information, they began canvassing the neighborhood to see if anyone had heard anything. The apartment complex’s property manager, a woman named Regina Brettnacher, gave them with their strongest leads.


According to Regina, Tiffany Bailey and Deunta Grier argued constantly. The arguments were so loud she had to speak to Tiffany on several occasions. Regina said she warned Tiffany that Deunta Grier was not supposed to be living in her apartment and that if he didn’t leave, she was going to lose her income-based housing.


Tiffany Bailey was not having that. She had worked too hard to lose her housing. Just before the shooting, she told Deunta that he had to go. Her life was spiraling out of control, and she had lost control of her own home. Another woman, a supposed-friend but rumored to be Deunta’s side lover, was always at the house, starting trouble. Deunta Grier’s other shady friends also began spending too much time there. The situation got so bad that Tiffany Bailey left her own apartment just to give Deunta time to get out. She no longer wanted her children in that environment.



[Tiffany Bailey and her baby. Third Image via Tiffany Bailey/Facebook]

Regina offered police several other important pieces of information. She said after Tiffany Bailey was gunned down, she saw Deunta Grier behind the fence-line, a patch of land near the apartment that was filled with trash and other debris. To her, it appeared Deunta was searching for something back there. She thought it was odd and made a mental note of it.


Then Atlanta detectives learned Regina’s assistant, Chaucella Jackson, who was out collecting the rent just minutes before the shooting, was so close to Tiffany Bailey’s apartment that she actually heard the gunshot and ended up inside the apartment, even before paramedics arrived.


The woman called Regina on the phone and told her everything that was going on in the house. She said she could see Tiffany Bailey on the floor and that Tiffany’s child, Ja’Myah, told her, “Daddy shot Mommy.” Regina also told the cops that one of her property workers, a man named Issac ‘Dollar’ Turner, stated that Deunta confessed to killing his girlfriend after they argued about his career as a (dru-) dealer.


Continuing with the story, Issac said after Deunta shot the mother of his children, he got rid of the gun by throwing it over the fence line, then returned to the apartment and staged the scene to look like a drug robbery gone bad. That was explosive information for investigators, but ‘Dollar’ was not entirely reliable. He also had a criminal record, he was on the (S–) offender’s list, and he had friends who lived in the complex.


Tiffany Bailey’s Children

Social services conducted an interview with Tiffany Bailey’s two children: Ja’Myah Ford, age six, and another smaller child named Akeera. According to Ja’Myah, she was in bed with Akeera when they were jolted awake by loud arguing. Ja’Myah stumbled into the living room, where she saw Tiffany and Deunta in a physical altercation. She said Tiffany pushed Deunta out of the chair, then Deunta reached inside the sofa, pulled out a gun, and shot “mommy” in the face. Social services noted in the records that even though Ja’Myah was brave and strong, having to discuss the details of her mother’s murder troubled her. She told part of the story as she sat in a fetal position.



[Deunta Grier at the time of his arrest. Image via police]


At Tiffany Bailey’s funeral, her children wore T-shirts that read, “Somewhere in heaven my mommy is smiling – RIP mommy,” CBS-46 reported. Someone else showed up at the funeral that day—Deunta Grier. The guilt had gripped Deunta to the core. He had to see Tiffany Bailey one last time. He was so overcome with emotion that he told an off-duty police officer he needed to talk. Deunta Grier was transported to the police station, but by the time Grier arrived, he was back to denying everything.


During the funeral, gunshots rang out. Those who had seen Deunta at the funeral believed he had fired the shots. In the end, police said the shooting was between two groups. Each blamed the other for Tiffany’s death.


The murder of Tiffany Bailey is a cautionary tale. When she first met Deunta Grier, it was at a time in her life when she wanted love from a man. Deunta helped her financially and treated her oldest child like his own. Although Tiffany knew Deunta had a criminal record, she was still willing to give him a second chance. However, his promises of a wholesome family life never happened. Instead, he settled back into his old ways and took Tiffany Bailey’s life in a downward direction, until he finally killed her. Today, Deunta Akeem Grier is serving a life sentence in a Georgia correctional facility for the murder of Tiffany Bailey.



[Deunta Grier today. Image via Georgia Dept. of Corrections.]



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[Main Image via Tiffany Bailey/Facebook]

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