‘Friend Request’ Movie Not A True Story But Look At This Case


Friend Request, the 2017 teen horror movie, which is not a true story, is set for release in U.S. theaters this weekend. Friend Request, also known as Unfriend, Kill a Friend, and Unknown Error, was released in Germany in 2016. Some might even confuse the movie with Unfriended. This teen thriller is directed by Simon Verhoeven and written by Matthew Ballen and Phillip Koch, according to Seattle Weekly. Below, TV Crime Sky directs you to at least one true story that shares part of the movie’s subject matter.


Friend Request Movie 2017

A popular college student with a slew of Facebook friends becomes the deadly obsession of a lonely classmate who ends up taking her own life.


Starring Alycia Debnam-Carey and Liesl Ahlers, get ready to be scared out of your mind while watching the movie Friend Request. Soon, you’ll meet Laura Woodson, a pretty and popular Newkirk University student who majors in Psychology. She is fun, disciplined, and keeps in shape by jogging every single morning before class.


A true inspiration, Laura seems to have it together. And she has an admirer, Marina Mills, aka Ma Rina, as she is known on Facebook. Laura, who has more than 833 Facebook friends, is shocked to get a friend request for Marina, a loser who has no friends and a dreadful-looking Facebook account. From Marina’s profile pic to her cover photo, her entire page is all gloom and doom.


Out of pity, Laura hits the confirm button and accepts Marina as a “friend.” Big mistake. Huge mistake. Now, that Marina can see all of Laura’s online activities, she finds out that she was not invited to Laura’s party, which sends her over the edge.


Posted by Friend Request on Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Friend Request Alert: Here is the part where it all goes downhill for Laura. When they see each other again, an angry Marina asks Laura why she was not invited to the party. After all, that’s not what friends do. A slight physical altercation ensues, frightening Laura, causing her to unfriend or delete Marina from her Facebook page.



However, if Laura thought this was the end of her creepy friend, she is mistaken. Soon, Laura’s world spins completely out of control after a teacher announces Marina took her own life. What’s worse, the video of the horrifying events was posted on Laura’s page, where she tagged all of her friends.


Now, the police investigation into Marina’s mysterious death focuses on Laura, who swears someone has taken over her social media accounts. One by one, the once-popular university student loses each of her 800-plus friends until she is down to zero.


Without a doubt, Laura will know exactly how it feels to have no friends. But not to worry, Laura will get the chance to become friends again when she sees Marina on the “other side,” where they will be friends forever.


The Friend Request Movie Is Not A True Story But…

The topic of Friend Request’s thriller makes one think about the true story of one crazed classmate who became obsessed with a popular cheerleader. In the case of Bernadette Protti, she wanted more than anything to be friends with Kirsten Costas, but when Kirsten turned down Bernadette Protti’s invitation to go to a party, she killed her on a neighbor’s doorstep. That case was made into a movie based on a true story called Death of a Cheerleader.



As for the other part of the movie, which deals with people taking their own lives and posting it to social media forums, check out the case of Claire Lin and Abraham Biggs. Friend Request was filmed in  Cape Town, South Africa. It is produced by Wiedemann & Berg, Seven Pictures, and Two Oceans Production. It comes out Friday, September 22. See the Friend Request movie trailer below.





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