Who’s the luckiest of these two Las Vegas jackpot winners?

Las Vegas jackpot stories can hardly get any better than these. One player at the legendary Caesars Palace casino was lucky enough to win two jackpots in the space of an hour’s play. During the same weekend, another player pocketed $1.1 million thanks to a progressive jackpot on the Face Up Pai Gow Poker table game.

Two jackpots in one hour

Our first player won a smaller amount than the second, but he may be even luckier in terms of pure odds. On Sunday November 12, he was at Caesars Palace playing the casino’s slot machines. It was not specified which slot machine(s).

In any case, this player won his first jackpot at 1:37 a.m. for $105,000, then at 2:37 a.m. with another jackpot of $300,000. Total winnings for this player are $405,000 for the night.

It’s hard to know what’s crazier: winning two consecutive jackpots in the space of an hour, or simply continuing to play when you’ve already won over $100,000…?

A jackpot won on his second hand played

Our second winner – Tom Bright – was not playing slots but table games. Face Up Pai Gow Poker. Pai Gow Poker is a table poker variant known for being particularly fun.

This California resident, visiting Las Vegas to watch the Las Vegas Raiders vs. New York Jets soccer game, took the opportunity to stop off at the Cromwell casino. No sooner had he settled in than he hit the $1,155,366 progressive jackpot. The jackpot came on only his second hand.

He said he wanted to share the winnings with family members.

So who do you think is luckier? The one who won two jackpots in one hour, or the one who won the jackpot on his second hand of the night?

Kayleigh Williams