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The National Assembly’s Legal Affairs Committee is currently examining various amendments to the legalization of online casinos in FranceThis marks a crucial week for what could be a major breakthrough in France! Indeed, Renaissance deputy Philippe Latombe has tabled these amendments as part of the “Security and Regulation” bill, the examination of which began on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

Legalisation of online casinos in France: Philippe Latombe strikes back

Philippe Latombe had already initiated a bill to legalize online casinos in France. authorize online casinosand chose to integrate this request into an existing legislative project in order to speed up the procedure. His bill, presented last July, lays the foundations for the legalization of online casinos by introducing a five-year moratorium.

During this period, online casino games would be authorized, but only for national residents. This measure would be in force until January 1, 2030, when the market would open up to international operators wishing to offer online casinos, in addition to existing casino licensees.

The aim of this moratorium is to allow existing operators to develop in a stable environment before the market is fully opened up. Indeed, the bill highlights the fact that an immediate and total opening of the market to competition would disrupt existing regulatory frameworks, jeopardize the national casino industry and have potentially serious consequences for employment in the sector, as well as for the economic equilibrium of the local communities where they operate.

The important question of taxing Internet casino games

The bill also refers to the authorization for operators of offer online casino games similar to those available in land-based casinos. In addition, it specifies that online casino games would be subject to the same taxes as those applied to other forms of gambling by national and local authorities.

In summary, the National Assembly’s legal committee is currently examining amendments linked to the legalization of online casinos based on Philippe Latombe’s bill. And that’s great news!

Such a proposal, which aims to introduce a five-year moratorium, would authorize online casino gaming for national residents before opening up the market to other operators, something that seemed unthinkable just a short while ago! What’s more, it would be preserving the existing economic balance and imposing taxes similar to those for traditional gambling. Nearly fifteen years after the online poker and sports betting market was opened up to competition, it goes without saying that this news gives French punters great hope!

Kayleigh Williams