Spaniard exploits security flaw in betting application to steal over €450,000

A Spanish gambler managed to steal over €450,000 from an online gambling application before being arrested by the country’s authorities. The name of the app, betting site or online casino involved has not been revealed.

Too many withdrawals to go unpunished

This summer, the Spanish Guardia Civil arrested a swindler who had exploited a security flaw in an online betting application. The “Operation Diacero” operation led by the police succeeded in stopping the illicit activities of the individual who had managed to withdraw more than €450,000 from the platform.

The man bypassed the application’s security and was traced following a series of suspicious withdrawals. The withdrawals were made physically in Los Barrios in Andalusia (southern Spain).

It is surprising that the individual was able to withdraw so much before being arrested, since the investigation revealed that more than 650 withdrawals averaging €700 were made with impunity. The total amount stolen was almost half a million euros.

Despite the revelation of these figures, there are still many questions surrounding this case. Given the almost grotesque flaw in this application, it is expected that the name of the site will never be revealed. What’s more, it’s equally likely that the way in which the player exploited the system will never be revealed. After all, you don’t want to give other people the wrong idea…

Finally, it is possible that other people were involved in this scam and that the police are still investigating the matter. The arrest of an individual – even if this one is the protagonist – does not necessarily mean the end of a police operation.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of any further developments. In the meantime, be sure not to make so many withdrawals of this size in the same place, if you don’t want your little affairs to be recorded and revealed by the surveillance cameras…

Kayleigh Williams