employee who stole €100,000 gets 3 years in prison

At the end of March, the Stelsia Casino Mimizan suffered a loss valued at over €100,000. One of the establishment’s employees had sneaked into the vault via the roof. The investigation later revealed the complicity of the young man’s mother and stepfather, who took part in counting the bills and were therefore indicted. We now learn that the trio was sentenced on Tuesday June 27.

Mimizan casino employee jailed for 3 years

The Mont-de-Marsan court has sentenced Alexandre Donat, the employee who robbed the Stelsia Casino Mimizan on the night of March 21-22, to three years in prison, one year suspended. The young man, who is already in custody, will not leave his cell. He has also been ordered to pay a €10,000 fine and will no longer be allowed to visit any casino in France.

The 21-year-old had managed to enter the room housing the casino’s safe via the roof. To do so, he removed some tiles and destroyed some plasterboard. He then stole €101,185. Investigators found most of the loot in the defendant’s home, where he lived as a family. His mother and father-in-law, who did not report the theft and helped to conceal it, were found guilty of receiving stolen goods resulting from an aggravated robbery. They were each fined €10,000.

A punishment commensurate with the facts, according to the magistrate

At his trial, Alexandre Donat was presented as a young man ” distant, cold and without morals “Marie Gicquaud, the deputy public prosecutor demanded 4 years’ imprisonment for the young man, as well as the confiscation of his second-hand Alfa Romeo, financed with the loot stolen from his employer.

The lack of moral character of both parents, who gambled part of the stolen money at the Saint-Paul-lès-Dax casinowas also highlighted, while the mother, in tears throughout the trial, seemed overwhelmed by the events.

Not having denounced the facts of your son, and having hidden the money he stole, this is a spiral. You must therefore be punished in accordance with the facts. “, said the magistrate to the two parents. ” I’m ashamed, but I did it out of love for my son “replied the stunned mother.

Kayleigh Williams