PEC Zwolle says goodbye to coach Schreuder, who has ‘new project elsewhere’

PEC Zwolle says goodbye to coach Schreuder, who has ‘new project elsewhere’
Dick Schreuder

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Dick Schreuder has left PEC Zwolle effective immediately. The coach prefers a foreign adventure.

“I have turned down many clubs. However, for the opportunity that has been offered to me now, I want to go,” Schreuder stressed. “There is never a good time to leave, but I also want to give my successor the chance to start working with this team from the preparation. That is why I am leaving PEC Zwolle now for a new project elsewhere.”

Where he will start working on that new project, he does not reveal. According to various media, it would be a Spanish club.

A year and a half of PEC

The 51-year-old Schreuder spent a year and a half at PEC Zwolle. After taking over from Art Langeler halfway through a practically lost season, he still relegated from the premier league despite a solid advance. Last year he immediately brought PEC back to the highest level.

Schreuder himself was voted best trainer in the first division.

Schreuder still had an ongoing contract in Zwolle, until mid-2025.

“We would have liked to complete that period, but the interest from clubs at home and abroad was strong all along,” said technical director Marcel Boudesteyn. “To his credit, Dick has stayed the past few months and together with his team has brought PEC Zwolle back to the premier league.”

Assistant coach Johan Plat goes abroad with Schreuder.

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