employees go on strike, denouncing violations of the labor code

Since June 13, 2023, employees at the Casino Victoria in Grasse, on the Côte d’Azur, have been on strike. They are accusing their employer of not complying with the labor code. Among the breaches in question: unpaid night shifts, lack of packed lunches and medical check-ups that are never carried out. Read on.

Grasse Casino Victoria employees go on strike

More than a dozen employees of Grasse’s Casino Victoria have gone on strike. The protest movement held in front of the plant entrance on Tuesday June 13, with banners and large Force Ouvrière posters, led to brief exchanges with management, who are being blamed for poor working conditions.

According to Serge Munoz, Force Ouvrière representative in Cannes: ” Working conditions and the application of the working code are complicated. In spite of this, employees, whether unionized or not, are not engaged in conflict. In fact, they don’t ask for much. “.

Among the criticisms levelled by employees at management are the total absence of a packed lunch and financial compensation in a context where night hours are not paid, for example. In addition, medical check-ups were never carried out, there were no proposed fire drills and the fire extinguishers were not all functional.

Room managers must be bartenders and security guards…

Room managers are asked to run the bar and do security at the same time. But we have no training in these areas, and these tasks are not included in the job descriptions, not to mention the fact that we are not paid for them. Sometimes, we even put our lives in danger: if we have to take someone out of the casino, it’s up to us to do it! “explains one of the employees at the Casino Victoria in Grasse.

Employees at the gambling establishment north of Cannes don’t even think their bosses trust them: ” We’re never kept in the dark. Last month, we found out via the Internet that the managing company is in suspension of payments. We’re never told anything, but when we ask, we’re told everything’s fine. It’s hard to put up with this on a daily basis. “.

The Grasse casino is currently the subject of a turnover very high, with most new employees never staying for more than a month. In addition, a number of industrial tribunal proceedings have been initiated. As for casino management, it continues to turn a deaf ear…

Kayleigh Williams