‘Can show who Ryan is again’

‘Can show who Ryan is again’

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Gravenberch enjoys playing time at EC: ‘Can show again who Ryan is’

After a season with a total of only 938 playing minutes for Bayern Munich, no one preferred to go to the European Under-21 Championship with the young national team than Ryan Gravenberch. “I didn’t hesitate,” says the eleven-time international of the big Oranje from Georgia. “It’s good to be here. I can show myself again, show who Ryan is.”

Twice ninety minutes Gravenberch was given by national coach Erwin van de Looi in the first group matches with Belgium (0-0) and Portugal (1-1). After a mixed performance against the Belgians, the 21-year-old midfielder was the standout against Portugal, according to NOS analyst Ibrahim Afellay, culminating in a splitting pass to Brian Brobbey.

“This ball is just exceptional,” Afellay stated. “This is what makes it exceptional. This is not even a chance. Out of nowhere he creates this and rips open the lines. Brobbey doesn’t come out well, but he’s forgiven by his goal.”

Praise from Afellay does ‘exceptional’ Gravenberch good: ‘Nice to hear’

“I think it’s clever, Gravenberch is a player who doesn’t need a lot of rhythm to get in shape,” Afellay said. “If you make few minutes for a whole year and now manifest yourself like that on such a stage, I think that’s very clever.”

“Nice to hear,” Gravenberch responded.

Not another year like this

For the Amsterdam native, it would be nice if his game is also noticed in Germany and at Bayern Munich. In several interviews recently, Gravenberch revealed that he is not waiting for another year without playing time. He wants to get more minutes at Bayern, where he has a contract until mid-2027.

Ryan Gravenberch

“I was clear, I think they got it,” Gravenberch said. “But in the end, I have to do it myself. For that I do need a chance. Under Thomas Tuchel (the new coach, ed.) I got another chance and I’m happy with that. Perhaps I will play more next season.”

Matches Gravenberch needs, Tuesday awaits the decisive group match with host country Georgia. If it is up to Gravenberch, the European Championship with the young national team will last a while longer: “Preferably until the final.”

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