‘Can take prize with Young Orange’

‘Can take prize with Young Orange’

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Leeds player Summerville himself also read about (Dutch) interest: ‘Will come later’

Crysencio Summerville made his definitive breakthrough at English side Leeds United last season, but relegated from the Premier League with that club. With the Dutch Junior team, he was a starting player in the first European Championship game with Belgium (0-0). He believes in his team’s chances of winning the title.

Against Belgium, Summerville and his companions in the forwards – striker Brian Brobbey and occasional right winger Jurgen Ekkelenkamp – certainly did not have an easy time of it. The Belgians were tough and although the Netherlands had a number of good chances, the 0-0 final score was not illogical.

Summerville, the speedy outfielder who joined Leeds via Feyenoord and ADO Den Haag, also acknowledges that. “It was a tough match that went up and down constantly. After playing for an hour I also started to suffer from cramp. The hot weather also played a role.”

Winning at Anfield

That he cramped up did surprise Summerville a bit. After all, he did play 33 games this season in the murderous pace of the Premier League. He scored a handful of goals, including the winning one against Liverpool at Anfield Road.

“That moment will stay with me forever,” he looks back. “A few hours after that goal I turned 21: that was the best birthday I could wish for. I hope we return to the Premier League as soon as possible.”

Summerville goes wild after winning against Liverpool

Relegation hurt. Yet after his first full Premier League year, pride prevailed. “With the guys I played against in England, I used to play on FIFA. I enjoyed every game. And I also really like Leeds, where I came in as an 18-year-old kid.”


Summerville still talks about “we” when it comes to Leeds, but whether he will still be playing for the northern English folk club next season is highly questionable. There have recently been rumors of interest from clubs such as Feyenoord, PSV and Everton.

The outfielder got wind of it, but tries not to concern himself with it in Georgia. “I see and read some things here and there, but I’m focusing on this tournament. I also deliberately asked my agent to give me that information only after the European Championship. We can take a prize, the rest we’ll see later.”

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