the status of newcomer Egurrola is growing

the status of newcomer Egurrola is growing

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She has appeared in all five of Orange’s international matches this calendar year. Damaris Egurrola seems to be quietly finding her place in the team, as a carrying force of a new generation.

“I play with a lot of confidence,” says the midfielder. “I try to put in what they need from me.”

Egurrola quietly finds her place at Orange: ‘Hard work pays off’

Egurrola could have played for the United States, the country where she lived for a long time. Or for Spain, the country of her father. But the choice a year ago fell on her mother’s country.

And yes, she can give the team something extra.

Added value

“I know when to hand the ball off or keep it with you, the switchover,” she notes to herself. “That’s something we do need. Because we have fast people and people who can hold the ball. That’s why I think I fit well in the team. Also with my defensive aggression. Whatever comes, I can help everyone.”

National coach Andries Jonker also absolutely sees Egurrola’s added value in his selection.

“She is 23, so relatively young. She has a regular spot at Olympique Lyonnais, which is European top,” he listed. “And she might also be able to play at the back.”

Damaris Egurrola in action for Olympique Lyonnais

With that last statement, Jonker may be revealing his plans for Egurrola, who usually plays in midfield. But the competition is cutthroat. With her versatility, she increases her chances of playing, although Jonker emphasizes that she must continually fight for her spot.

“With us, she has to do a little more than she is used to, but I think she does belong to the core of the team. She will have to fight it out with the other players.”

Jonker is not looking at the status some internationals have commanded in the past. They will have to prove themselves again every match.

“I feel the confidence of my coach,” said Egurrola, who, judging from training sessions, is heading for a starting place at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. But, Jonker stressed, that tournament doesn’t start for another month.

Damaris Egurrola in duel with Christie Murray of Scotland

“It’s a little early to know if I’ll get a starting place. But I’ll just keep doing my best. It’s a process,” agrees Egurrola. “I’m having fun on the field, that’s the most important thing.”

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