Mourinho suspended four European duels after misconduct against referee after EL final

Mourinho suspended four European duels after misconduct against referee after EL final
José Mourinho rants against referee Anthony Taylor during Europa League final

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AS Roma coach José Mourinho has been suspended for four European duels for his misconduct toward referee Anthony Taylor after the lost Europa League final against Sevilla.

Because of his suspension, the Portuguese coach will miss the first four group matches in the Europa League. As number six in Serie A, AS Roma is directly qualified for the group stage next season.

In addition, AS Roma must do one game without away supporters. The fans will be penalized for setting off fireworks during the final and causing destruction in the stadium.

In that heated final on June 1, Taylor handed out as many as 14 yellow cards, the most ever in a Europa League match. Roma was fined 5,000 euros for the poor behavior of its players.

Taylor scolded

After the final in Budapest, Mourinho complained at length about the referee, calling him a “disgrace” among other things. When he later encountered Taylor on the parking deck, Mourinho scolded the referee in English and Italian.

Watch footage below of Mourinho giving away his medal and scolding the referee:

Mourinho gives away silver medal after EL final and insults referee

AS Roma lost the final to Sevilla after taking penalty kicks. It was the first time the 60-year-old Mourinho lost a European final, after five finals wins.

Taylor also had to take it out on the supporters of the Italian club. When he and his family wanted to fly home the day after the final, they were besieged at the airport by dozens of AS Roma supporters.

Watch below as AS Roma supporters attack Taylor and his family at the airport:

Referee of Europa League final attacked by AS Roma fans at airport

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